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  1. What is FHM's primary role in the PIMR process?
    provide central oversight and support
  2. What is the outcome of PIMR program?
    should be a medically fit and ready force
  3. What is the primary purpose of IMR?
    to provide a "real time" medical readiness assessment of IMR req to commanders, individ, and PCM
  4. What lab tests are req in PIMR and freq?
    • -G6PD - once
    • -DNA - Once
    • Blood typpe
    • sickeldex
    • HIV - 3very two years
  5. What reflected in PIMR is the minimum recommended studies that an individual needs.
    Clinical preventitive services (CPS)
  6. Studies from the Clinical Prv Services are based on who's recommendations
    US Health Services Task Force and can be found in Prev Base Screening Grid
  7. Tests on nonflyers are based on ?
    age and family history
  8. FHM responsible for four components in PIMR, what are they?
    data mgt, occ health oversigh, immunizations consultant, deployment support
  9. PIMR data provided by FHM should be reviewed by who?
    Pop Health Working Group
  10. list the types of medical examinations specified in 48-123
    • acession examinations
    • Initial flying duty
    • PHA
  11. When a members qualificationfor continued service is questionable...what are the provisions (AFIs)?
    AFI 48-123, AFI 363212, AFI 48-157
  12. Medical standards for flying duty are designed for:
    to avoid compromise of flying safety, mission completion , or the member's well being
  13. The profiling system classifies individuals according to physical functional abilities. What are the two categories?
    • 1. Applicants for appointment, enlistment, and induction into military service
    • 2. Activie Duty, and Air Reserve components throughout military service
  14. The majority of initial enlisted profiles are established through___?
  15. Where are profiles entered on the SF 88 at MEPS?
    item 45A
  16. Where are officers entereing the militry profiles located?
    commissioning physical examination
  17. What are the common uses of the AF Form 422?
    • - Clearance of the mbr for worldwide duty
    • - Notification to military personnel flight of worldwide duty changes
    • -Notification to MPF of a mbr's profile change
    • - Communicate information to the members unit commander/supervisor that he or she has an injury/illnes that limits job performance
    • - Communicates limited mobility status
    • - notification to MPF for AD of mbr's qualification for retirement or seperation
  18. 4T profiles with a duration greater than 60 days tell the personnel system what?
    pt's worldwide duty is questionable; therefore FHM must review the AF form 422 every 30 days.
  19. The physical profile serial is based upon the functional ability of an individual to perform military tasks. What are those two?
    physical and mental
  20. What two visual issues are not profiled under any factor?
    near visual acuity and color vision
  21. Where should the X factor be recorded on the profile?
    In the remarks section
  22. A 422 and what, must be sent to the MPF for mandatory retraining
    ?narrative summary SF 502 - contains recommendations by the members squadron commander and approval by MTF CC or profile officer
  23. Abscence of a suffix indicates the physical profile is___
  24. What does the suffix W indicat on a profile?
    Worldwide qualified with a 1,2, or 3
  25. What does the L suffix represent on the 422?
    limited assignement status. members receive this after a MEB or PEB (only authorized by AFPC
  26. Five copies of the 422 are distributed. List where all five go
    • 1 - Health Record
    • 2 - MPF (not required for temp profiles that expire withing 60 days
    • 3 - Squadron
    • 4 - Individual
    • 5 - FHM through PIMR
  27. What do code 31, 37, 81 mean
    • 31- all 4T profiles
    • 37 - MEB/PEB
    • 81 - pregnancy
  28. What is the acceptable Army version of the 422?
    DA 3349
  29. Who is responsible for the profile for members who have gone through and MEB and returned to duty?
    PCM, FhM, profile office
  30. What list should FHM review to determine who was released or transferred to another hospital?
    Admissions and Dispositions
  31. People applying for security clearances must meet the requirements in what AFI?
    AFI 31-501 Personal Security Program Mgt
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