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  1. Colossal portrait of Constantine the Great, Rome, Late Roman Empire
  2. Catacomb of Commodilla, with portrait of Christ, Rome, early Christian art, Late 4th c. AD
  3. Catacomb painting, Good shepherd, Jonah, & Orants, in the Catacomb St’s Peter & Marcellinus, Rome, early Christian art, early 4th c. AD
  4. Church of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (former Constantinople), Byzantine, finished 537 AD.
  5. The Ka’ba, Mecca, Islamic, built before the rise of Islam- before 600 AD.
  6. Great Mosque of Kairoan, Tunisia
  7. Prayer hall, Great Mosque, at Cordoba, Spain, Islamic
  8. Dome in front of the Mihrab, Great Mosque, at Cordoba, Spain, Islamic
  9. Christ and Disciples going to Emmaus, at Silos church, Spain, Romanesque, 1100 AD.
  10. Map of pilgrimage route to Santiago, Spain, in Romanesque Europe
  11. Monastery of Saint Martin du Canigou, French Pyrenees on the road to Santiago, Romanesque.
  12. Reliquary statue of St. Foy, at the Church of Conques, France, Romanesque
  13. Last Judgement Tympanum at Autun, France, Romanesque

  14. Hildegard and Volmar, German manuscript, Romanesque c. 1150.
  15. Notre Dame cathedral of Paris, France, Gothic, begun 1163
  16. Masons at Work, miniature bible illustration, Gothic
  17. The Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, Gothic

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