AP 1 (9-5)

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  1. Attachment point of the stationary of muscle
  2. Attachment point of the end of a muscle that moves
  3. What is a prime mover?
    single muscle of a group that is most responsible for a movement
  4. What is a synergist?
    smaller extra muscles that aid the prime mover
  5. What is an antagonist?
    muscle that produces an opposite movement to another muscle
  6. Which fibers are the most oxidative?
    slow-twitch oxidative fibers
  7. Fiber with the most myoglobin?
    slow-twitch oxidative fibers
  8. Reddest of the fibers
    Slow-twitch oxidative fibers
  9. Fibers that are somewhat oxidative?
    fast-twitch oxidative fibers
  10. Fibers that are pink in color
    fast-twitch oxidative fibers
  11. Why are some meats dark?
    holds oxygen in muscle cells
  12. White fibers
    fast-twitch glycolytic fibers
  13. Fibers most susceptible to fatigue
    fast-twitch glycolytic fibers
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