AP 1 (9-6)

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  1. What will short duration, maximum effort exercise do to muscle?
    hypertrophy - increase in size (NO NEW CELLS PRODUCED)
  2. What will long duration, less than maximum effort workout do to muscle?
    components of muscle increase that will aid in cellular respiration (mitochondria, blood vessels), cells become more efficient at making ATP
  3. What will no excercise do to muscles?
    atrophy - decrease in size
  4. What are the two causes of atrophy?
    disuse atrophy, denervation atrophy
  5. What is disuse atrophy?
    size decreases due to lack of use (lazy)
  6. What is denervation atrophy?
    size decreases due to nerve of muscle being cut or damaged
  7. What type of atrophy is the most rapid in deterioration?
    denervation atrophy
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