APUSH Chapter 23

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  1. Who were the Democrats?
    • white southerners
    • Catholics
    • Recent immigrants
    • urban working poors
    • farmers
    • (common man)
  2. Who were the republicans?
    • Northern whites (pro-businesses)
    • African Americans
    • Northern Protestants
    • Olds WASPs
    • middle to Upper Class
  3. What did the laissez faire government do?
    • did very little
    • delivered mail
    • mantain a national military
    • collect taxes and tariffs
    • conduct foreign policy
    • administer Civil war veteran pensions
  4. What was the presidency in the gilded age?
    • more smbolic
    • party bosses had more power
  5. Jay Gould and James Fisk wanted to do what?
    Corner the gold market
  6. What scandals accosted the Grant administration?
    • the whiskey ring
    • Credit Mobilier scandal
    • "indian ring"
  7. Where was the tweed ring's hub?
    in Tammany Hall
  8. Who brought down Boss Tweed?
    Thomas Nast
  9. Who wins the election of 1872?
  10. What happened in the Panic of 1873?
    debate over gold and silver
  11. What did the Specie Redemption Act of 1875 do?
    got rid of silver
  12. When was the greenback party formed?
  13. What was the last attempt at Reconstruction?
    The Civil Rights act of 1875?
  14. Who ran in the election of 1876?
    • Rutherford B. Hayes and Governor Samuel J. Tilden
    • Tilden wins popular votes
  15. What was set up to figure out the political crisis?
    Electoral crisis
  16. What was the Compromise of 1877?
    • Left Hayes as President
    • federal troops withdraw from Louisiana and South Carolina
    • RR goes to Dems
  17. What were the Jim Crow Laws? And what Supreme Courts uphold its constitutiality?
    • divided the blacks and whites
    • Plessy v. Ferguson
  18. When did the Chinese Exclusion Act go into affect?
  19. Who ran in the 1860 Presidential elections?
    • James A. Garfield - Chester A. Arthur
    • Winfied Scott Hancock
  20. When was Garfield shot?
    1881 by Charles Guiteau
  21. What did the Pendleton Acts do?
    • 1883
    • made exams necessary for some civil service jobs
  22. Who were the mugwumps?
    • socail darwinists
    • belief in a specific laissez faire type of government
  23. Who ran in the 1884 election?
    Gover Cleveland and James Blaine
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