Patho Chapter 4

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  1. A cellular adaption observable in uterine cervical epithelium is ?
  2. What are the consequences when a cell is forced into anaerobic glycolysis?
    increased lactic acid and inadequate ATP.
  3. Dytrophic calicfication:
    occurs in dying or dead tissues and observed in chronic lesions
  4. Cellular swelling is:
    evident early in all types of cellular injury
  5. What is not reversable?
  6. Aging :
    none of the above
  7. In aging, cross-lnking implies?
    cell permeability decreases
  8. When does cellular injury occur?
    if the cell is unable to maintain homeostatsis. Injured cells may recover or die. Injury is caused by lack of oxygen (hypoxia) free radicals, caustic or toxic chemicals, infectictious agents, inflammatory and immune responses, genetic factors, insufficient nutritients, and physical trauma.
  9. What are the four biochemical themes that are important to cell injury?
    ATP depletion, oxygen and oxygen-derived free radicals, intracellular calcium and loss of calicum steady state, and defects in membrane permiability
  10. Apoptosis:
    a distinct type of sublethal injury and isa process of selective cellular self-destruction that occurs in both normal and pathologic tissue changes
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