chapter 5

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  1. Stem cells are important for which of the following developmental processes?
  2. Proliferation is the:
    production of new cells.
  3. After the migrating neuron reaches its destination, ________ begin to form.
  4. In humans, myelination first occurs in the:
    spinal cord.
  5. When Sperry cut a newt's optic nerve and rotated the eye by 180 degrees, each axon:
    regenerated to the area where it had originally been.
  6. Axons sort themselves over the surface of the target area:
    by following a gradient of chemicals.
  7. Competition of neurons for postsynaptic sites results in survival of only the most successful axons. This general principle is called:
    neural Darwinism.
  8. ________ steer new axonal branches and synapses in the right direction.
  9. The function of neurotrophins is to:
    promote survival of axons.
  10. In infants, anesthetic drugs can increase:
  11. What brain abnormalities are found in children with fetal alcohol syndrome?
    short dendrites with few branches
  12. Children of mothers who use cocaine during pregnancy:
    have a slightly lower IQ score.
  13. Which of the following factors seems to be particularly important for branching of neurons during brain development?
    physical activity
  14. Which of the following is the most common cause of a stroke?
    ischemia from an obstruction of an artery
  15. Ischemia is to ________ as hemorrhage is to ________.
    obstruction; rupture
  16. Which of the following treatments would be most likely to help a patient starting several days after a stroke?
    Giving stimulant drugs combined with physical therapy.
  17. What is the term for the new branches that may form in uninjured axons after damage to surrounding axons?
    collateral sprouts
  18. After damage to a set of axons, neurotrophins induce nearby:
    uninjured axons to form new branches.
  19. A continuing sensation of an amputated body part is called:
    phantom limb.
  20. Sensations from phantom limbs:
    are a result of brain reorganization.
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