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  1. When a manufacturer offers a special promotion to other companies for their use and not for resale, it is a:
    consumer promotion
  2. One of the primary goals of a consumer promotion is to:
    entice the customer to take the final step and make a purchase
  3. The two most general categories of promotions are consumer franchise-building promotions and consumer:
    sales-building promotions
  4. The two most general categories of promotions are consumer sales-building promotions and consumer:
    franchise-building promotions
  5. Consumer promotions designed to increase awareness and strengthen loyalty to a brand are called:
    consumer franchise-building
  6. A consumer sales-building promotion is designed to:
    create immediate sales rather than brand equity or loyalty
  7. When Colgate promotes a new tooth-whitening product using discounts to retail stores and prizes to customers to create immediate sales, the approach is primarily:
    sales building
  8. If consumer promotions are used, high-image brands should focus more on:
    franchise building promotions
  9. Nearly 80 percent of all coupons are offered by:
  10. The primary vehicle for distributing print coupons and coupons in general is:
    free standing inserts (FSI)
  11. A bounce-back coupon is:
    not immediately redeemable
  12. Redemption rates for e-coupons is:
    considerably higher than for other types of coupons
  13. Prizes or gifts that consumers receive when purchasing products are called:
  14. A "write our new slogan" event that awards a prize to the winning slogan is a(n):
  15. Women tend to prefer:
    mail samples so they can examine them at home
  16. Men tend to prefer:
    in-store or selective samples so they can ask questions about the product or obtain additional information
  17. A consumer who only purchases his or her favorite brand is called:
  18. In terms of planning promotions, consumers can be divided into the following categories, except:
    repeat purchasers
  19. Of the following groups, which has the lowest record of redeeming coupons?
  20. The following are types of premiums, except:
  21. Cash returns on hard goods, such as appliances and electronics, are called:
  22. Retailers tend to like refunds and rebates because:
    the retailer maintains its margin or markup on the product since it is sold at full retail price
  23. Each of the following are types of sampling, except:
    self-liquidating sampling
  24. Bonus packs can lead to brand switching if the consumer:
    has purchased the brand previously
  25. A consumer who makes the purchase decision based on price is called:
  26. The unit in the company that manages publicity and other communications with all groups that contact the firm is the:
    department of public relations
  27. The public relations department is the unit in the company that:
    manages publicity and other communications with all groups that contact the firm
  28. The first major decision company leaders must make concerning public relations is:
    who will handle the various activities, an internal department or an external agency
  29. In terms of goals for public relations, a hit is:
    mention of the company's name in a news story
  30. In terms of public relations, a mention of the company's name in a news story is called a:
  31. Public relations functions include the following, except:
    create promotional materials that can be sent to customers
  32. A stakeholder is:
    a person or group with a vested interest in a firm's well-being
  33. The following are internal stakeholders, except:
  34. Special interest groups would be considered:
    external stakeholders
  35. Which statement below about corporation's reputation is true?
    The reputation is vulnerable to both internal and external negative events.
  36. Which statement below reflects current consumer attitudes towards businesses?
    Consumers are leery of big businesses, suspicious of business motives, and are unsure if any company can be trusted.
  37. Assessment of a corporation's reputation begins:
    when company leaders take the time to conduct surveys and interviews to learn what people think of the organization, both internal and external to the company
  38. Social responsibility is:
    the obligation an organization has to be ethical, accountable, and reactive to the needs of society
  39. A program that ties marketing to a charity in order to generate good will is called:
    cause-related marketing
  40. Cause-related marketing is based on the idea that :
    consumers are more likely to make purchases from companies that support a good cause
  41. When a dentist provides free services to women living in a shelter, it is:
    cause-related marketing
  42. In choosing a cause-related program, a company should focus on:
    causes that relate to the company's business
  43. In terms of the public relations aspect of cause-related marketing, for companies to benefit the company should:
    spend some money to publicize causes, but the amount should not be significant
  44. Green marketing is:
    developing and selling environmentally friendly products
  45. Based on U.S. consumer segmentation of consumer attitudes toward green marketing, the group that are heavy users of green marketing products, but is not politically active is called:
    greenback greens
  46. Damage control is:
    reacting to negative events caused by a company error, consumer grievances, or exaggerated negative press
  47. Claiming responsibility for positive outcomes of events is called:
  48. Believing that Wheaties may help make you a champion, since so many successful athletes have endorsed the cereal, is the result of using which proactive prevention strategy for damage control?
  49. Proactive prevention strategies for damage control include:
    entitlings and enhancements
  50. When a company pays money to sponsor someone or some group that participates in an activity, it is called:
    sponsorship marketing
  51. In choosing a sponsorship, it is important for a company to:
    match the audience profile with the company's target market
  52. The Coca-Cola booth at spring break on South Padre Island is an example of:
    event marketing
  53. The first step in developing an event marketing program is to:
    determine the communication objective
  54. Giving out samples of Pizza Hut products in conjunction with the debut of a motion picture that was funded by Pizza Hut is an example of:
    a cross-promotion
  55. Paying for an advertisement promoting a concert tour by a band and creating tie-ins with company products at the concerts is an example of:
    sponsorship marketing
  56. The agency that monitors advertising on food packages and advertisements for drugs is the:
    Food and Drug Administration
  57. If a customer is concerned about the labeling on a bag of potato chips, the regulatory agency that should be contacted is the:
    Food and Drug Administration
  58. Public complaints about the amount of violence on television would be sent to the:
    Federal Communications Commission
  59. The law states that advertising to children cannot exceed 12 minutes per hour during weekdays. Which organization is responsible for making sure this time limit is not exceeded?
    Federal Communications Commission
  60. Puffery is:
    an exaggerated claim with no overt attempt to mislead or deceive
  61. Words such as "best," "greatest," and "finest" are examples of:
  62. When McDonald's makes an advertising claim that the company offers the best-tasting hamburgers, the practice is known as:
  63. The substantiation test for false and misleading advertising requires:
    competent and reliable evidence
  64. An administrative complaint is:
    a formal proceeding before an administrative law judge used by the FTC
  65. Which agency has the authority to order corrective advertising?
    Federal Trade Commission
  66. Which industry agency monitors online privacy practices of Web sites that involve children younger than 13 years of age?
    Children's Advertising Review Unit
  67. Ethics are:
    moral principles that serve as guidelines for both individuals and organizations
  68. Concerning television advertising of alcohol products with contents stronger than beer or wine, which statement below is true?
    cable network channels air commercials for such alcohol products
  69. Young males are often the targets of alcohol ads during sporting events using each of the following approaches, except:
  70. Marketers argue restrictions on advertising of alcohol and tobacco products is not fair because:
    it is a violation of free speech and businesses have the right to promote its products regardless of what it is
  71. Which statement below about the advertising of underwear, sexually-related products, feminine hygiene products,, and male enhancement products is FALSE?
    In recent years, there has been a decline in sensitivity towards child molestation, child pornography, and related sexual issues.
  72. When a company creates a brand name that closely resembles a popular or successful brand, it is:
    brand infringement
  73. The practice of purchasing Internet domains that are valuable to other people, companies, or organizations is:
    domain squatting
  74. From a company's perspective, the primary benefit of using cookies is it allows a company to:
    gather information about where a consumer has been on the company's Web site, how long they were there, and what they did
  75. Advertisements on the Internet that pop up and must be clicked off are called:
    interstitial ads
  76. The two broad categories of evaluation tools are:
    message evaluations and respondent behavior evaluations
  77. An examination of a creative message and the physical design of an advertisement or other marketing communication pieces is called:
  78. An examination of visible customer actions including making store visits and purchases is called:
    respondent behavior evaluation
  79. Which is an affective response to a marketing message?
    liking the company
  80. A storyboard is used to outline the structure of:
    a television ad
  81. Concept testing examines the:
    proposed content of an ad and the impact of the content on potential customers
  82. The most common procedure used for concept testing is:
    focus groups
  83. Cajun Pizza's marketing team has a new idea for an advertising campaign. Before developing the ad, they would like to see how consumers react. The appropriate evaluation technique would be a(n):
    concept test
  84. When 8 to 10 people test an ad concept because they are representative of a target market, they are called a(n):
    focus group
  85. When participants are asked the meaning of a marketing communication piece during a concept test, the researcher is using a(n):
    comprehension test
  86. If McDonald's marketing team wants to know the percentage of consumers that remembered a new ad that was just launched on television, the appropriate test would be:
    day after recall
  87. Most researchers believe unaided recall tests are superior to other evaluation tests because they:
    demonstrate that an advertisement has become lodged in a person's memory
  88. The type of person that is most likely to recall an advertisement is:
    someone with a positive feeling toward advertising
  89. When individuals are given copies of an ad and asked if they recognize it or have seen it before, the technique is called:
    a recognition test
  90. In terms of message evaluation, recognition tests are:
    an expression of a person's interest in a particular advertisement
  91. Which test would tell McDonald's marketing team that consumers formed a negative impression of a sandwich after seeing an ad?
    an attitude or opinion test
  92. The test used to see if an ad changed the consumer's mind about a product is called:
    persuasion analysis
  93. Positioning advertising copytesting was a set of principles originally designed for:
    evaluating television ads
  94. Which of the following is a short-term measure of marketing effectiveness?
    sales and redemption rates
  95. Measuring changes in sales following a marketing campaign is easier now than in the past because of:
    scanners and the UPC
  96. To measure the impact of a point-of-purchase display, retailers and manufacturers can use:
    scanner data
  97. The impact of all of the following marketing programs can be measured using redemption rates, except:
    point-of-purchase displays
  98. The number one way companies measure the impact of online advertising is:
  99. McCormick's marketing team wants to test three different advertisements for its new Chicken Dijon gravy before they launch the product nationwide. To measure actual market reaction, the best approach would be to:
    use different test markets for each of the three ads and compare the actual sales differences among the three markets
  100. A purchase simulation test takes place in a:
  101. In a public relations evaluation, the advertising equivalence technique is designed to measure the:
    cost of the time and space if a story were an advertisement
  102. Consumer awareness and brand loyalty are closely linked to a measure of:
    market share
  103. All of the following are common measures of the overall health of a company, except:
    level of brand equity
  104. Which is a measure of a company's effort to eliminate negative activities and pursue positive programs?
    degree of social responsibility
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