vocab 6

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  1. apothecary
    n: a druggist, a pharmacist
  2. gormandize
    v: to eat greedily or ravenously
  3. nostrums
    n: a medicine sold with false or exaggerated claims and with no demonstable value; quack medicine
  4. sardonic
    adj: characterized by bitter, scornful derision
  5. wistful
    adj: characterized by melancholy; longing; yearning
  6. septimal
    adj: based on the number seven
  7. ostensible
    adj: of motives or facts that are apparent but not necessarily real or true
  8. sophistry
    n: elaborate, eloquent but logically invalid arguments intended to deceive
  9. proscribe
    v: command against
  10. ersatz
    adj: artificial and inferior
  11. posterity
    n: future generations of people
  12. augury
    n: event seen as a sign of things to come
  13. invective
    n: abusive language used to express blame
  14. aplomb
    n: composure under strain
  15. untenable
    adj: unable to be believed
  16. intestate
    adj: without having made a will
  17. bucolic
    adj: of the countryside
  18. churlish
    adj: rude or irritable
  19. chicanery
    n: fraud
  20. sychopant
    n: someone who is excessively eager to please in order to get something
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