Psychology final (2)

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  1. What is psychotherapy?
    • Insight therapies: talk therapy
    • Behavior therapies: changing overt behavior
    • Biomedical therapies: biological functioning interventions
  2. What is the goal for insight therapies?
    Discover unresolved unconscious conflicts: free association, dream analysis, interpretation, transference
  3. What is Client-Centered Therapy?
    • Carl Rogers
    • Goal: restructive self-concept to better correspondto reality
    • therapeutic climate: genuineness, unconditional positive regard, empathy
  4. What are Behavior Therapies?
    • B.F. Skinner and colleagues
    • Goal: unlearning maladaptive behavior and learning adaptive ones
    • Systematic Desensitization
    • Flooding
    • Aversion therapy
    • Modeling
    • Time out
    • Exposure and Response Prevention
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