P-3 Electrical PWR Lights

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  1. GEN light/APU GEN light
    • Cause- GOOFSTORE
    • G- generator failure
    • O- off frequency
    • O- over voltage
    • F- feeder fault
    • S- sup panel failure
    • T- transfer relay 2 or 3 failure
    • OR- associate bus montoring switch off

    • action- reset procedures, or associated bus monitoring switch to on. If light remains or flickers, mission should be aborted.
    • Caution- sup panels shall not be exchanged until main. action.
    • Note- ensure gen 4 aux/gen 4 trans set appropriately
  2. TR overheat light
    action- pull the breaker. 3 in the flight station, 1/2 on the main load center.
  3. EXTERNAL PWR AVAILABLE no power to ac
    • cause- BUPER
    • B- Batt
    • U- Uplock
    • P- wrong Phanse
    • E- External pwr cont CB out
    • R- Runaround feed CB for GEN 4 is out

    action- check the above mentioned
  4. EXTERNAL PWR AVAILABLE partial power to ac
    cause- TR 3 ganged CB out, Essential DC BUS Feeder #2 out, Monitor Essential BUS switch off.

    action- check the above mentioned.
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