Glandular system

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  1. Parotid salivary gland
    • largest gland in size, but only produces 25% of saliva
    • -produces serous only solution (watery)
  2. What is the parotid gland's duct?
    • Parotid duct or Stenson's duct
    • -pierces the buccinator opposite the second MX molar
  3. What viral disease is associated with the parotid gland?
  4. Which glands have ducts associated with them?
    exocrine glands
  5. what is a structure that produces a chemical secretion necessary for normal body function?
  6. what is a ductless gland?
    Endocrine gland
  7. Which salivary gland is the second largest but produces 60-65% of saliva?
    Submandibular gland produces the most saliva, both serous and mucous
  8. which gland does the Wharton's duct belong to?
    Submandibular gland; most common place to form a sialolith
  9. is the sublingual salivary gland the smallest gland?
    Yes, and it secretes the least amount of saliva
  10. Bartholin's duct secretes both serous and mucous saliva for what gland?
    Sublingual gland
  11. What is the order of the major salivary gland locations?
    • 1. Parotid is located in the side of cheek
    • 2. Sublingual located on floor of mouth
    • 3. Submandibular near the angle/body of the mandible
  12. Where is Von Ebner's gland located?
    • Beneath circumvallate papilla in the tongue
    • Minor salivary gland secretes only serous saliva
  13. What is the largest endocrine gland?
    The thyroid
  14. Thyroxin is secreted by which gland?
    the thyroid gland
  15. Four small endocrine glands in pairs on each side of the thyroid gland are called?
    Parathyroid glands
  16. What are parathyroid glands responsible for?
    producing the parathyroid hormone which regulates the CALCIUM and PHOSPHATE metabolism of the body
  17. Endocrine gland which fights disease and helps the immune system is?
    Thymus gland
  18. When does the thymus gland stop growing then shrink and disappear?
    it grows until puberty and disappears as an adult
  19. What type of glands are salivary glands?
    EXOCRINE glands because they have ducts
  20. Where is the lacrimal gland located?
    at the junction of the lacrimal and MX bones
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