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  1. Name some Dawkin's Points
    parakaleo didasko noutheteo elencho epitimao
  2. name 3 areas where emergents veer from essential doctrine
    the atonement; evangelism preaching and teaching; importance of truth & rational thinking
  3. What is the ethical argument?
    Can your belief transfer into a basis for morality? ??
  4. Is there morality in eastern religions?
    All is an illusion no foundation for right and wrong
  5. What is the difference between pschotic and neurotic?
    Psychotic has delusions
  6. when do we need to refer someone to a mental health professional?
    psychotic suicidal severe depression substance dependence rule out medical cause get diagnosis/treatment
  7. What are oprah's beliefs?
    Newage syncretistic
  8. What issue marks difference between Morman JW Islam?
    Jesus: first god Michael prophet
  9. how has Mormon doctrine changed over time?
    polygamy racism mixed marriage no longer sanctioned
  10. What is an uneducated Monist?
    Westerner - knows right and wrong; logic
  11. What is an educated monist?
    Grew up with it; easterner; contradictions okay
  12. What is a monist?
    Everything is one
  13. What is nihilism?
    no purpose to anything when di nothing happends
  14. What is difference bewtween Modernism and post M?
    There is truth beyond emperical
  15. What's wrong with infantile?
    Love takers not givers
  16. What's wrong with work sub?
    no emtional live just work
  17. What wrong with work for love?
    working for emotional love martyr
  18. What are the four tests for a religion or scripture?
    Pragmatic Coherence Correspondance Adequacy
  19. What's wrong with Morman bible?
    changed over the years had to wipe out portions
  20. What's wrong with Qu'ran?
    Proof is miricle - no miricle; no objective evidence for divine source
  21. What is the JW holy book?
    New World Translation
  22. Whats wrong with JW holy book?
    Charles Taze Russel fraud alters bible \
  23. What does Qu'ran say about crucifixion?
    Actually Judas on cross
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