Asia 12/6/11

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  1. What is Confucius's philosophy centered around?
  2. What are the three main factors of Confucius's philosophy?
    • respect
    • education
    • service
  3. According to Confucius, who should you respect?
    • elders
    • ancestors
    • leaders
    • fellow men
  4. How did Confucius contribute to civil service?
    he made the first civil service exam
  5. What religion in China was a lot like socialists who wanted nothing more than universal love and smoking pot?
  6. Who was the founder of Taoism?
  7. What Chinese religion was mostly about communing with nature?
  8. What are the main religions of China?
    • Taoism
    • Buddism
    • Confucism
  9. What dynasty was the shortest dynasty in Chinese history?
    the Ch'in Dynasty
  10. How long was teh Ch'in Dynasty?
    15 years
  11. Who was the first emporer of China?
  12. How long is the great wall of China all together?
    2700 miles
  13. How long is the longest piece of the Great Wall of China?
    1400 miles long
  14. How many Chinese bodies are burried in the Great Wall of China?
    one body per block
  15. How did the Mongols get into China?
    they went through the gates by bribing people
  16. What were the components of the Great Canal?
    • Hwang Ho
    • Yangtze
  17. What did Ch'in have made to protect him in his death?
    terracotta soldiers
  18. What was the real name for China?
  19. How long did the Han Dynasty last?
    400 years
  20. What was going on in the Western World during the Han Dynasty?
    the Roman Empire
  21. How many different routes were part of the Great Chinese Silk Route
  22. What different things did the Chinese invent during the Han Dynasty?
    • fireworks then firearms
    • sizemographs
    • paper
  23. What Chinese Dynasty was known for inventions?
    the Han Dynasty
  24. If you are a pure blooded Chinese what Dynasty do you point back to?
    the Han Dynasty
  25. What dynasty was a great intellectual period for the Chinese?
    T'ang Dynasty
  26. What was the T'ang Dynasty also known as?
    the Golden Age
  27. What dynasty was known for being the most peaceful and safe times in its history?
    The Mongol Dynasty
  28. Who was the leader of the Mongol Dynasty?
    Kublai Kon
  29. Who was the explorer that came to China during the Mongol Dynasty?
    Marco Polo
  30. Who stopped the interaction between the Eastern and Western world for a period of time? (Mongol Dynasty)
  31. When did the Europeans come into China?
    the Ming Dynasty
  32. During what Chinese dynasty did teh Japanese close their doors?
    the Ming Dynasty
  33. Why couldn't China close their doors like Japan did during the Mongol Dynasty?
    because they're too big
  34. What did the New Englanders get from trade with China?
    • silk, mother of pearl, jade, blue/white pottery
    • opium
  35. Where were the Chinese getting the poppy seed for the opium from?
  36. Where in China did they have the opium factories?
  37. How would the westerners pay the Chinese for opium?
    • trade
    • silver or gold
  38. When was the first Opium War?
    the 1830's
  39. When was the second Opium War?
  40. Where did the second Opium War take place?
    Canton, China
  41. What were the requirements of the treaty signed between the Westerners and and China?
    • they could trade in any port in China not just Canton
    • Western ships could go freely up Chinese waters
    • western missionaries could go anywhere they want
    • if a westerner commits a crime in China they will be taken back to have a trail in their home country
  42. What is it called when someone commits a crime in a foreign country and is taken back to their country for the trail?
  43. When did all the Opium Wars take place?
    the Manchu Dynasty
  44. What river did the British take to Hong Kong?
    the Pearl River
  45. Why did the British take Hong Kong?
    they were getting tired of the Chinese invading Canton
  46. What was one secret society the cropped up during the Opium Wars?
    the righteous fist
  47. Who were the people who were part of the righteous fist?
    the boxers
  48. What happen to the western embassy in China on October 1900?
    the boxers
  49. How many countries were represented at the embassy in China?
  50. What was the episode called when the boxers invaded the Western Embassy and the empress added federal troops?
    the boxer rebellion
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