Themes and Issues in American religion

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  1. Relgious freedom and US History
    • European settlers fleeing religious persecution
    • Concern over the civil power of churches
    • No majority religion in the first 13 states
  2. Religion and Authors of the Constitution
    • Some were Christians and Catholics
    • Some where deists
    • Some were atheists
    • Advocated strict separation of church and states
  3. Article 6
    No religious test can legitimize office
  4. First Amendment
    • No law against the establishment and free exercise of religion
    • There can be no “official” U.S. religion
    • Government cannot interfere with a person’s religion
  5. Reynolds vs. the United States (1878)
    • Polygamy case
    • Free exercise clause applies to beliefs, not practices
  6. 14th Amendment
    • Added in 1868
    • Other laws applied to federal government
    • This amendment dealt with state interference
  7. Religious Freedom Restoration Act (1993)
    • Protection of religious freedom of lesser know religion
    • Invalidated in 1997 by the Supreme Court
  8. Religious Liberty Protection Act
    Passed House, never went to Senate or President
  9. Democrats
    • Black Protestants
    • Jews
    • Some Catholics
  10. Republicans
    • Mainline Protestants
    • Conservative Catholics
    • Evangelicals
  11. Civil Religion (Robert Bellah)
    • “Religion-like elements connected with the American political system”
    • Declaration of Independence, Constitution, holidays, Presidential speeches
  12. Church of Lukumí Babalu Ayé vs. the City of Hialeah
    • Legal dispute began in 1987
    • Hialeah city council passed ordinances banning animal sacrifice
    • Ernesto Pichardo is at the center of this
    • 1987 Pichardo and some associates leased property in Hialeah to build a church
    • Began operating a modest building
    • Infrastructure began to disappear
    • Pamphlets began to circulate
    • Other churches began to protest
    • Humane Society and Animal Rights
    • June 9th the City Council accused the religion of being a cult
  13. Church of Lukumí Babalu Ayé vs. the City of Hialeah
    • First resolution is passed opposing animal sacrifice
    • September 1987 3 ordinances passed:
    • September 24 Church filed a suit saying their religious freedom was being violated
    • The Church went after the ordinances
    • Accused the city of harassment
    • District Court & Court of Appeals affirmed the ruling
    • US Supreme Court- June 11, 1993 they ruled the ordinances unconstitutional
  14. The Impact of Church of Lukumí Babalu Ayé vs. the City of Hialeah
    • Practitioners allowed to perform animal sacrifice
    • Able to have a public religious space
    • Religion recognized as a religion, not a cult The Church today
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