Med Term Final Pt.1

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  1. talipes
    congenital abnormality of the hindfoot *involving talus
  2. Colles fracture
    occurs near the wrist joint at lower end of radius
  3. comminuted fracture
    bone is splintered or crused into several pieces
  4. compression fracture
    bone is compressed; often occurs in vertebrae
  5. greenstick fracture
    bon is partially broken; breaks on one surface & bends on the other, occurs in children
  6. impacted fracture
    one fragment is driven firmly into the other
  7. incision
    process of cutting into
  8. resection
    surgical removal
  9. section
    process of separating or cutting
  10. excision
    process of cutting out
  11. sphyg/mo/man/o/meter
    instrument to measure BP
  12. pneum/o/nectomy
    surgicial removal of all or part of lung
  13. lob/ectomy
    surgical removal of a lobe
  14. diaphragm
    muscle seperating abdominal & thoracic cavities
  15. idiopathic
    p/t disease having no known cause
  16. etiology
    the study of causes or origins
  17. hypertension
    high blood pressure
  18. essential hypertension
    most high BP; no identifiable cause
  19. secondary hypertension
    increase pressure caused by another associated lesion
  20. croup
    acute viral infection in infants & children; obstuction of larynx, barking cough and stridor
  21. pneum/o/thorax
    air w/in pleural cavity surrounding lungs
  22. hem/o/thorax
    blood in pleural cavity
  23. py/o/thorax
    puss in pleural cavity
  24. path/o/genic
    producing disease
  25. onc/o/genic
    producing tumor
  26. iatr/o/genic
    producing treatment
  27. for/a/men
    opening for blood vessels and nerves
  28. sinus
    hollow cavity w/in a bone
  29. total # of vertebrae
  30. leuk/o/cyte
  31. bas/o/phils
    WBC dark stain granules, basic dyes; heparin (anticlogging) & histamine (allergic response)
  32. eosin/o/phils
    WBC w/ drk stain granules w/ affinity (attraction) w/ acid dyes; increase allergic response & engulf substances that trigger allergies
  33. neutr/o/phils
    granules are neutral; no stain
  34. phag/o/cytes
    cell that injest other cells microrganisms
  35. mon/o/cyte
    WBC w/ on large nucleus
  36. macr/o/phage
    large phagocytic cells
  37. lymph/o/cyte
    made in bone marrow & lymph nodes
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