Stem Cells/Cancer

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  1. What is a stem cell?
    • 1) self-renewing population of unspecified cells
    • 2) divide to give rise to differented cell types
  2. Terminally Differentitated means?
    cell serves a specific function only and will never reproduce, so it will die when it's done
  3. What tells the stem cells what to do and when to turn on?
    signals and cues
  4. Stems cells are near the (blank) and will migrate upward
    basal lamina
  5. Embryonic stem cells can give rise to all the tissues and cells types of the body
    Cell + special factor = could make it work
  6. Therapy Approaches:
    1) Transplant cells that have been grown in culture (donor)
    2) stimulate stem cells of teh patient called (en...) to regenerate damaged tissue
  7. What are the two types of stem cells?
    Embryonic and Adult
  8. Name three things about Embryonic
    • Embryonic: before becomes a fetus
    • undifferentiated cell that have the potential to become any specialized cell type
    • immortal in culture
    • easily obtained
    • totipotent: can be anything
  9. Negatives about Embryonic stem cells
    • Not well understood
    • not "self", subject to rejection
    • hard to control
  10. What are adult stem cells?
    • get the stem cells from the body
    • partially specialized arleady
    • signals required for differentiation may be simplier
    • should not be attacked by the immune system
  11. Adult Stem Cells negatives
    • Not immortal in culture
    • multipotent ; can only be so many things
    • difficult to obtain (brain)
    • rarer in old people
    • cannot cure genetic diease
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