Philippines History

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  1. How many islands are the Philippines comprised of?
  2. What are the three main Islands?
    • 1. Luzon
    • 2. Visayas
    • 3. Mindinow
  3. What is the largest river system?
    Cagayon River in Mindinow
  4. What are some natural resources of the Philippines?
    Abaca, Coconut, Fruits, Handicrafts, Rice, Mining.
  5. What did the men wear during Pre-Colonial Times?
    Bahag and Kanggan
  6. What did the women wear during pre-colonial times?
    Camisa and Patadyong
  7. What type of ornaments were during pre-colonial time?
    Gold, tattoos
  8. What is the Middle social classes were during pre-colonial times?
    Maharlika (Middle)
  9. What is the Lower social classes were during pre-colonial times?
    Alipin (Slaves)
  10. What type of governement was during pre-colonial times?
    Balangay System
  11. What is the term for Gods?
  12. What is the term for goddess?
  13. Who founded the Philippine Islands? and When?
    Ferdinand Magellan, March 16, 1521
  14. What are the types of spices they found?
    Cinnimon, Cloves, Nutmeg and Ginger
  15. Who was the map maker?
    Paolo Toscanelli
  16. What are the three main expeditions to the Philippines?
    • 1. Saravedra Expedition
    • 2. Villalobos Expedition
    • 3. Legazpi Expedition
  17. What was the most succesfull expedition to the Philippines?
    The Legazpi expedition
  18. What expedition took place in 1564?
    Legazpi and Father Andres De Urandeta
  19. When was the Legazpi / Urandaneta expedition?
  20. What seperated church and state?
    The Malolos Constitution of 1898
  21. Who ordered a bloodless conquest?
    King Philip II
  22. What type of government was from 1565 to 1821?
  23. Who was the commander in chief of the Army and Navy?
    The Gobernador
  24. What was the supreme court?
    Real Audiencia
  25. What was the provincial govenor?
    Alcalde Mayor
  26. Who was the one to check on the abuse of power by officials?
    The residencia
  27. Who would check on the abuse of power by officials anytime and unannounced from Spain?
    The Vista
  28. Who could become a Gobernadorcillo?
    Pueblo or Municipio
  29. Who was the lower power?
    Cabeza De Barangay
  30. What was the earliest school in the Philippines?
    La Letra Consangre Entra: 1550
  31. What is the earliest College?
    University of Santo Tsmas
  32. Who were the first teachers?
    Priests or Fryers
  33. Who is a Fryer?
    A Priest
  34. For what reasons did the Filippinos revolt against the Spaniards?
    • 1. Taxation
    • 2. Abuse of Power
    • 3. Forced Labor
    • 4. Galleon (Unfair Trade)
    • 5. Monopolies
    • 6. Racial Discrimination
  35. What did the Philippines gain from Spain?
    • Education
    • Political Systems
  36. What was the goal (Policy) of Spain?
    • 1. Spread Gospel
    • 2. Find Gold
    • 3. Prestiege and Glory
  37. What was the first bank of the Philippines?
    Banco Spanial-Filipino De Isabel II
  38. When was the first paper money issued in the Philippines?
  39. What was the campaign for reform?
  40. Who were the three priests of GOM BUR ZA?
    • Fr. Gomez
    • Fr. Burgos
    • Fr. Zamora
  41. Who were the reformests who used the pen rather than force?
    • 1. Graciano Lopez Jaena
    • 2. Marcelo H. Del Pilar
    • 3. Dr. Jose Rizal (National Hero)
    • 4. Jopmpa= Jose Maria Pangamiban
  42. Who were the reformists who used arms/force?
    • 1. Andres Bonifaco (Leader of KKK)
    • 2. Emilio Jacimto
    • 3. Apolinario Mabini
  43. Who was the first to develope navigation?
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