Contemporary Catholicism and Protestantism

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  1. Protestantism: 18th and 19th Centuries
    • Great Awakenings
    • 1st mid 18th century
    • Revivals
    • Emergence of evangelicalism
    • 2nd Great Awakening
  2. Protestantism: 20th Century
    • Ecumenism: National Council of Churches 1949
    • Decline in mainline Protestants since 1960s
    • Religious Right and Christian Coalition
    • Liberal vs. Conservative Protestants
    • Megachurches
  3. Pentacostalism
    • Topeka, Kansas and Azusa Street
    • Poor African-American and Latino/a church movement
    • The storefront church
    • Distinguishing features
    • Growth
  4. Roman Catholicism
    • Spanish Catholicism
    • First wave: 19th century European immigration
    • Second wave: 20th century Latin American
    • Also the annexation of Mexico in 1948
    • Parish, ethnic parishes and parochial schools
  5. Dorothy Day
    • Journalist turned activist
    • With Peter Maurin founded Catholic Worker Movement in 1933
    • Started a house of hospitality in NY and then farms
    • Catholic Worker Movement
  6. Vatican II
    • 1962-1965
    • John XXIII “let in fresh air to the windows of the Church”
    • Reforms in the Roman Catholic Church

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