Asia 12/7/11

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  1. What were the 11 different countries represented at the Embassy in China?
    • 10 were Western
    • 1 was the Japanese
  2. What would be the end to the dynasties of China?
    the Chinese revolution
  3. When did the Chinese revolution take place?
  4. What kind of government came with the Chinese revolution?
    • a representative government
    • not a full democracy
  5. Who was the politician who came to power after the Chinese revolution?
    Sun Yat-Sin
  6. Who was the military general who was the brother-in-law to Sun Yat-Sin?
    Chiang Kai-Shek
  7. When did things fall apart in China after the Chinese revolution?
    When Sun Yat-Sin died prematurely
  8. Who did Chiang Kai-Shek go to for money for China?
    the Western banks
  9. How was Chiang Kai-Shek being attacked during his reign in China?
    • the Japanese were grabbing up territory
    • internal rebellion was starting with the communist party
  10. Who was leading the communist movement in China?
    Mao Zedong
  11. Where was the communist movement starting in China?
    in the interior with the peasants
  12. When did the Communist movement start in China?
  13. How far were the Chinese pushed back by the Japanese during WWII?
    Chung King in the Red Basin
  14. When did Communism gain its hold in China?
    during WWII
  15. What Chinese leader ran away to Taiwan when Communism took over?
    Chiang Kai-Shek
  16. When did the US recognize the People's Republic of China?
    when Nixon was in office
  17. What is another name for the People's Republic of China?
    Red China
  18. How long has Japan been strong economically?
    40 years
  19. What are some characteristics of South East Asia?
    • fragmented
    • it's on the equator
    • most is tropical rain forest
    • mostly unpop. but some areas how large pop.
  20. How many islands are claimed to be part of Indonesia?
    17,000 islands
  21. How many islands are in the Philippines?
  22. What are some of the wildest places on earth in South East Asia?
    • New Guinea
    • Borneo
  23. What are two highly populated areas in South East Asia?
    • Java
    • Singapore
  24. What countries were the first to get to South East Asia?
    Dutch and Portuguese
  25. What two countries actually got control in South East Asia?
    British and French
  26. What area of South East Asia did the British control?
    • Mamar and Burma
    • Malaya
  27. What areas of South East Asia did the Dutch control?
    • Indonesian Area
    • the Spice Islands
  28. What area of South East Asia did the Spaniards control?
    the Philippines
  29. What area of South East Asia did teh French control?
  30. What did Thailand used to be called?
  31. What are the two theories for why Thailand was never taken over?
    • the Western world wanted to use it as a buffer zone
    • Thailand was actually strong enough to keep them out
  32. What is the main religion of Burma and Thailand?
  33. What is the main religion of Indo-China?
  34. What is over 90% of the Indonesian population?
  35. What was interested about the one temple in Vietnam?
    • it had all different kinds of religions
    • you could piece together the religion you wanted to follow
  36. What is the term for when the language for trade and politics is different than the indigenous langauge?
    Linga Franca
  37. When did America take the Philippines away from the Spanish?
    after the Spanish American War
  38. When did the Philippines finally get their independence?
  39. What is the Philippines national language?
  40. What is the hybrid language of the Philippines?
    • Taglish
    • a mixture of Tigally and English
  41. What is the main language of Singapore, and why is it odd?
    • English
    • because 75% of the population is Chinese
  42. Where is there good agriculture in South East Asia?
    the river valleys and deltas
  43. What do they raise a lot of in South East Asia?
  44. What are crops that you grow to sell and not eat?
    cash crops
  45. What is the worst kind of farming that is also done in South East Asia?
    Shifting cultivation/slash and burn
  46. What is shifting cultivation?
    When you cut down an area of the forest and grow till the soil is depleted then do the same thing again and again
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