History Terms

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  1. Treaty of Versailles
    June 28,1919. signed and presented to Germany. They lost about 10% of their territory and became separated from East Prussia. Military was reduce and not allowed to have military staff, navy was limited.
  2. 'Stab in the Back' legend
    A rumor that was spread that said the Germany wasn't losing, but they were winning. Non Germans spread that they lost and this ruined the home front and lost the war.
  3. The Treaty of Trianon
    June 1920, dealt with Hungary. Lost a great deal of land.
  4. Ruhr Crisis
    January 1923. Germany doesn't pay reparations and forces France to invade. They go to Ruhr, and Germany uses passive resistance. Government tells workers to stay home and not help french collect. Germans keep printing money further destroying their economy.
  5. Treaty of Locarno
    1925. German Minister Stresemann and French Minister Briand. Agreement between Germany, France, Belgium, to settle the boundaries between them. Britain and Italy signed to.
  6. Soviets
    Coucil. Council of soldies and workers to form more of a direct democracy but failed.
  7. Lenin
    He came in power after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918. Expected war communism would take place, but it didn't. Changed the economy to national instead of state. This almost caused a famine and caused him to take a step back and let the economy grow. New Economic Policy involved a return of the market to the economy. Died in 1924.
  8. War Communism
    approach towards economy during civil war. State plays major role in economy.
  9. Stalin
    Born in 1879 in southern georgia. Slowly rose up to the General Secretary of Communist Party. Originated war communism.
  10. Cheka (OGPU, NKVD)
    Agents of state police that told peasants they are being moved to collective farms, if they resisted they would be shot or deported to Gulag.
  11. Gulag
    a system that was made up of concentration camps and special settlements- a group of peasants would be sent and dumped and told to build a settlement. Eventually made the Gulag work for the state.
  12. Night of the Long Knives
    June 30, 1934. Hitler acts on potential problems within his party. The SS rounds up about 80 of the leaders of the SA and has them shot.
  13. Sun Yat-Sen
    Leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party (Guomindang). He was western educated and took part in the Revolution in 1911. Wanted to deal with unfair distribution of wealth.
  14. Guomindang
    Chinese Nationalist Party run by Sun Yat-Sen in 1911.
  15. Long March
    In 1934, the nationalists forced the communists to full retreat about 6000 miles outside of the country. Of the 90000 that started, only half made it.
  16. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
    August 23, 1939. A pact between Germany and the Soviet Union to protect eastern flank. Secret part of the pact was the division of eastern europe between the two. Plans go ahead for the attack on Poland on September 1, 1939. Septemeber 2, 1939, Britain and France declare war on Germany.
  17. Katyn
    Russia deports over 2 million polish families, but separate the men into separate camps. The Polish officers are separated from soldies and March 1940 had them shot in a forrest right outside of Katyn.
  18. T4 Program
    October 1939. German people with mental or physical handicaps were collected sent to facilities, undressed, numbered, picture takin and then sent into gas chambers. Then bodies were collected for study, gold bridges and then burned.
  19. Dunkirk
    British transport all of their troops on English channel to a town in France.
  20. Commissar Order
    Order given by hitler to his soldiers on how civilians are treated and how Bolshevik officers are treated.
  21. Stalingrad
    City in Russia. Fall of 1942 Hitler decides to invade this town. It was an extremely bloody battle, Russia succeeds in in-circling Stalingrad. In January it is obvious they can't win so germany surrenders.
  22. Nuremberg Laws
    Only those of German or Arian blood were considered citizens. The law for the protection of German blood and honor. This forbade the marriage or sexual relations between jews and germans.
  23. Kristallnacht
    November 9 1938. Hitler agrees to unleash the SA across australia and other parts. It attacks Jewish homes, sinigogs. 267 sinigogs were destroyed and hundreds were killed.
  24. Lodz
    December 1939. Established in 1940, the 1st of any ghettos and they would ship the jews from the ghettos to the east.
  25. Einsatzgruppen
    Group of men consisting of 4 groups were to go behind the forces and kill communists and jewish men.
  26. Auschwitz
    New death/labor camp were most of the jews were sent to work and if not capable you were killed. People were gassed by Zyklon B gas. More than 1 million were killed. January 1942 meeting held to coordinate all the killings.
  27. Russian babies
    Mass rape was comitted by the Soviet soldiers against german women and girls. 1945-1946. 200,000 or so russian babies from the rapes by the Soviets.
  28. Battle of Kosovo
    June 28, 1389. Tragic defeat by the Ottomans and this was their end. Kingdom of Serbs and Slovines was a new state created. Serbs saw it as a power of the Serbs. Slovines saw it as an opportunity to be equal
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