exam 6

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  1. Question 1

    The main duty of histotechnologists is to: take a history and census of patientsperform microscopic tests on human tissue teach principles of nutrition perform tests for vitamin deficiency
  2. Question 2Physical therapists: test patients for
    glandular malformation test for inadequate blood supply of muscles
    perform medical examinations before beginning therapydevelop a treatment
    plan to restore function following injury
  3. Question 3Respiratory
    therapists:treat all types of chest pathology test for hyperthyroidism
    treat black lung diseases test for heart function
  4. Question 4The
    emergency medical technician:performs immediate examination and care
    works with patients to restore function following injury develops an
    exercise program to restore muscles following injury provides long-term
    follow-up care
  5. Question 5The American
    Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) is the national organization
    for: reviewing ASRT publications for accuracy registering qualified,
    ethical Respiratory technologistsregistering qualified, ethical
    radiologic technologists through testing and certification registering
    and endorsing ASRT research policy
  6. Question 6The ARRT requires
    documentation of approved continuing education: every 5 years
    annuallybiannually semiannually
  7. Question 7The
    ARRT was organized in: 1912, by the Roentgen Ray Society and ASRT 1898,
    shortly after Roentgen discovered the x-ray1922, by the Roentgen Ray
    Society and RSNA 1902, by members of the ASRT
  8. Question 8ARRT
    certification requirements consist of: successful completion of the
    certifying examination completion of appropriate didactic and clinical
    education in the field being tested high moral and ethical conductall of
    the above
  9. Question 9The responsibility of
    the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
    (JRCERT) is to:review and accredit educational programs in radiologic
    technology develop radiation safety policy only evaluate curricula for
    programs in radiologic technology develop guidelines for clinical
  10. Question 10The JRCERT’s mission is
    to: develop policy standards for ethical conduct in radiologic
    educationensure quality in the education and safety of patient care
    provide standards for clinical education only provide standards for
    didactic education only
  11. Question 11Accreditation
    of a radiologic technology program ensures:radiology program acceptance
    by the ARRT provide standards for physical education that all students
    will pass the national board examination funding by the college or
  12. Question 12Categories of
    accreditation are all of the following except: initial accreditation
    probationary accreditationclinical accreditation continuing
  13. Question 13Site visitors:
    inform the program of their decision not to accredit the programdo not
    have the authority to accredit programs have the option to accredit
    programs may reveal their decision to accredit the program at the exit
    interviewQuestion 14Site visitors are
    charged with: interviewing studentsall of the above evaluating the
    adequacy of the clinical education setting verifying that the self-study
    report is accurateQuestion 15The primary
    function of ACERT and AEIRS is to serve the needs of which group of
    professionals?Radiologic sciences educators Sonographers Staff
    radiologic technologists Radiology managersQuestion 16The
    ASRT exists to serve the needs of which group of professionals?All
    radiologic technologists Sonographers Radiologic sciences educators
    Radiology managersQuestion 17The practice standards for radiologic
    technologists are written by which professional organization? AHRA
    ACERTASRT ARRTQuestion 18The primary function of ASRT is to provide:
    practice examinations legal representationcontinuing education
    malpractice insuranceQuestion 19The curriculum being taught in your
    radiography program is based on the national radiography curriculum
    written by which professional organization? AEIRS AHRAASRT ACERTQuestion
    of the following modalities will most likely be involved in imaging the
    pregnant abdomen? Nuclear medicineSonography CT MRIQuestion 21Which
    of the following specialties will most likely be involved in the
    treatment of diseases? Magnetic resonance imaging Computed
    tomographyRadiation therapy SonographyQuestion 22The
    first wartime x-ray technicians were trained in Europe during World War
    I by:Marie S. Curie Henri Becquerel Conrad Roentgen Eddy C. JermanQuestion 23The
    first formal x-ray technician training program in the United States was
    developed by: Henri BecquerelEddy C. Jerman Emile Grubbe Marie S. CurieQuestion 24Educators
    in radiologic technology must have expertise in: assessing the
    effectiveness of clinical practice counseling students in career
    opportunitiesall of the above curriculum designQuestion 25The
    radiation safety officer/health physicist is certified by: the ARRTa
    board of health physicists the ASRT a board of radiologistsQuestion 26Postgraduate
    education (education beyond the basic radiologic technologist) is
    required for the following careers except: program directorradiographer
    angiographer clinical coordinatorQuestion 27Continuing education became
    mandatory for all radiologic technologist registrants in: 19751995 1985
    1965Question 28Registered technologists must show evidence of continuing
    education:biannually evidence is not required semiannually
    annuallyQuestion 29Continuing education courses for CE points must be
    approved by:RCEEM USDA AEC JRCQuestion 30The organization requiring
    proof of continuing education is: RSNAARRT RCEEM ASRT
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