Fire Safety Readings

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  1. Name four principal objectives for any fire alarm system?
    • warn occupants of a fire
    • prompt immediate action
    • initiate evacuation movement
    • allow sufficient time to escape
  2. Why are fire alarms ignored?
    • failure to recognize the signal as a fire alarm
    • loss of confidence in the system because of nuisance alarms
    • failure to hear the signal
  3. What is the temporal-three pattern?
    Alarm sound pattern described in ISO 8201, that was adopted by NBC & NFPA that is supposed to be a universal sound for evacuation
  4. What are "nuisance alarms" that reduce action by people during real fires?
    • false alarms
    • test alarms
    • fire drills
  5. Specialist agree, that more than _____ nuisance alarms per year can undermine the credibility of the system.
  6. T/F. Nuisance alarms are created by teen pranksters?
    False. Nuisance alarm can be false alarm, test alarms, and fire drills. In addition, teens, adults, and even seniors have been noted as being pranksters.
  7. Most nuisance alarms are due to ____________?
    System malfunction
  8. In high rise buildings, where is the ideal place for an alarm. Whats the least ideal place?
    • Ideal place would be inside each apartment
    • Least ideal would be in stairwell/corridors which reduces communication between people and between people and fire people
  9. Messages delivered to the public during a fire emergency should contain:
    • identification of the problem
    • location of the problem
    • instruction for actions
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