CAS 340 EXAM 3 Study Guide

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  1. What happens when parents and adolescents disagrree or argue?
    • Disagreements may or may not results in angry relationships
    • Adolescents usually are the ones to give in
  2. What Advice has been given to parents about this isssue?
    • Recognize that disagreement is not a rejection and it is part of identity development
    • Pick your battles
    • Discuss and reason with the adolescent
  3. A. According to Hafen and Laursen (2009) what happens to parental support of teens across early adolescence?

    B.Does this depend upon anything?
  4. A. What are some tips for increasing communication with non-communicative adolescents?

    B. What should parents not do?
    • A.
    • Be a model for conversing
    • comment on nonverbal behavior
    • ask or comments

    • B.
    • Don't force them to talk about their feelings
    • Don't give adivce once talking
    • Don't hurry them to answer questions

    • Focus on the postive things that teens do
    • Try not saying "NO"
  5. What can parents to do foster healthy lifestyles in their children?
    • Issues:
    • Sleep and nutrition
    • Substance use
    • Eating disorders

    • Parent Contributions:
    • Parent-child relationship
    • Modeling
    • Parental Mssages
    • Parental involvement, monitoring, and limit-setting
    • Getting professional help if needed
  6. What are some things that encourage teens to postpone sexual activity?
    • Teens more likely to delay when.....
    • Parents talk about sex: express AND explain their disapproval
    • Students have interests and success at school
    • Parents monitor and supervise - ESP. with the opposite sex
  7. Is parental monitoring important for adolescents? How does appropriate monitoring develop and occur?
    • Monitoring:
    • What teens are foing
    • Who they are with
    • Where they are

    • Associated with less risky behavior
    • Successful from an open dialogue, not tracking and observing
  8. A. What is initiative?

    B. Why is it particularly important for teens?

    C. How can parents foster it?
    • A.
    • The ability to be motivated from within to direct attention and effort toward a challenging goal.

    • B.
    • Serves as the foundation for important qualities such as creativity and leadership
    • experience effort and challenge in activities

    • C.
    • Find activities that interest and challenge
    • structured voluntary activities
    • Broadly structured by adults -but with direct responsibility to children for organizing and implementing activities
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