character 1

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  1. outgoing
    friendly and energetic and finding it easy and enjoyable to be with others
  2. extrovert
    an energetic, happy person who enjoys being with other people
  3. carefree
    having no problems or not being worried about anything
  4. light-hearted
    happy and not serious
  5. truthful
    honest and not containing or telling any lies
  6. open
    honest and not secretive
  7. candid
    honest and telling the truth, especially about something difficult or painful
  8. frank
    honest, sincere and telling the truth, even when this might be awkward or make other people uncomfortable
  9. easy going
    relaxed and not easily upset or worried
  10. strong-willed
    determined to behave in a particular way although there might be good reasons for not doing so
  11. determined
    wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you
  12. self-assured
    having confidence in your own abilities
  13. self-confident
    behaving calmly because you have no doubts about your ability or knowledge
  14. dominant
    having power and influence over others
  15. ambitious
    having a strong wish to be successful, powerful or rich
  16. Demanding
    needing a lot of time, attention or energy
  17. energetic
    having or involving a lot of energy
  18. competitive
    wanting very much to win or be more successful than other people
  19. proud
    eeling pleasure and satisfaction because you or people connected with you have done or got something good
  20. arrogant
    unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people
  21. pompous
    too serious and full of importance
  22. boastful
    praising yourself and what you have done
  23. Selfish
    only thinks of their own advantage
  24. vain
    too interested in your own appearance or achievements
  25. self-centred
    only interested in yourself and your own activities
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