Jazz Final Q1

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  1. The bassist plucks a string once per beat in a timekeeping style called ________.
    Walking Bass
  2. What is the most common arrangement of the sections in a 32-bar chorus (sometimes called American Song Form, or American Popular-Song Form)?
  3. Some common definitions for jazz include:
    • Music that is associated with the jazz tradition
    • Music that conveys jazz swing feeling
    • Music that is improvised
  4. Who is the leading composer of ragtime music?
    Scott Joplin
  5. Which of the following was NOT an essential trend that caused the birth of Jazz?
    A. the practice of taking liberties with the melodies and accompaniments of tunes as they were being performed
    B. the evolution of the saxophone as an important band instrument
    C. African Americans creating new kinds of music such as ragtime and the blues
    D. Taking liberties with tone qualities
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  6. Call and Response is primarily associated with which type of pre-jazz American musical form?
    • Work Songs
    • Gospel music
  7. The stride piano style primarily evolved form _______.
  8. Jelly Roll Morton is historically notable b/c ____.
    he introduced arranging practices in his small-group performances that came to be imitated during early stages in the history of big bands
  9. Louis Armstrong was one of the first great soloists in jazz history, and partly b/c of him, post-Armstrong styles stressed ______.
    solo improvisation
  10. New Orleans clarinetist and soprano saxophonist _____ was, along with Louis Armstrong, one of the first great soloists.
    Sidney Bechet
  11. Bix Beiderbecke was a very important white _______ and composer from Iowa.
  12. Which unrecorded artist is considered the earliest jazz musician?
    Buddy Bolden
  13. Why did many early jazz musicians from New Orleans move to Chicago?
    to leave South to escape Jim Crow Laws
  14. Who is considered the father of stride piano?
    James P. Johnson
  15. The first jazz group to record is called _____.
    Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  16. The first black jazz group to record is called ______.
    Jelly Roll and Red Hot Peppers
  17. What vocal style of singing did Louis Armstrong innovate?
  18. From which city did the Austin High Gang originate?
  19. Earl Hines developed the boogie woogie keyboard style. True or False?
  20. Who are 2 New Orleans early jazz cornet/trumpet players with the nickname "King"?
    • Joe "King" Oliver
    • Freddie "King" Keppard
  21. What are the general dates for the early jazz period?
  22. What are the 3 early styles of blues music we covered in class? Can you name musicians from those genres?
    • Delta=Robert Johnson
    • Country=Ledbelly
    • Classic=Bessie Smith
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