Jazz Final Q3

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  1. The innovative 1949-50 band led by Miles Davis and Gil Evans was known as _____.
    the Birth of the Cool band
  2. Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers was a well-known group that
    introduced many of the top young hard bop players
  3. One of the innovations of Dave Brubeck's music is ____.
    unusual meters (3, 5, 7, etc.)
  4. Cool jazz is called "cool" because it is _______.
    more subdued and softer than bebop
  5. Horace Silver was one of the biggest names in hard bop b/c of his outstanding work as a ______.
    • composer
    • pianist
    • band leader
  6. Chet Baker was a highly regarded "cool jazz" ______.
  7. Sonny Rollins was among the most popular _____ of the 1950s.
    tenor saxophonists
  8. Several excellent pianists contributed to the West Coast sound of the 1950s, but non is as well-known as the giant whose name became synonymous with odd meters. With Paul Desmond playing saxophone for him, this group sold thousands and thousands of albums, the group was known as the _______ Quartet.
    Dave Brubeck
  9. "Cannonball" Adderly provided _____ to the MIles Davis Sextet.
    highly fluid, supercharged, bluesy, and unpredictable sax improvisations
  10. Lee Konitz developed and maintained his own Tristano-inspired style on alto saxophone at a time when other young musicians were imitating _____.
    Charlie Parker
  11. _______ was an outstanding hard bop drummer.
    • Art Blakey
    • Philly Joe Jones
    • Max Roach
  12. Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto are important composers of _____.
    Bossa Nova
  13. The Modern Jazz Quartet performed third-stream jazz. True or False?
  14. Miles Davis played the _____
  15. Miles Davis is known as a seminal figure in jazz for playing in both the cool jazz and hard bop idioms. True or False?
  16. Which Los Angeles based music producer and promoter practiced an anti-racist policy while booking black and white musicians, and organized the Jazz at the Philharmonic series?
    Norman Granz
  17. Soul jazz tenor saxophonist ______ was known for his bluesy tone and especially soulful solos.
    Stanley Turrentine
  18. What is third-stream jazz?
    blending of jazz and classical music
  19. Bill Evans was the only white memeber of the Miles Davis Sextet in the 1950s. He played the ____.
  20. Les McCann, "Brother" Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith, and Shirley Scott all played the ____ in the soul jazz groups that developed in the late 1950s/early 1960s.
  21. The most important hard bop guitarist of the 1950s was ____.
    Wes Montgomery
  22. Name any hard bop or cool jazz musicians whose names don't appear anywhere on this test.
    Stan Getz, Red Garland, Max Roach, Stan Kenton, Milt Jackson
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