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  1. How does marital conflict affect children?
    • Associated with poor outcomes in children:
    • -particularly externalizing behaviors (aggression)
    • -especially if: frequent, unresolved, involoves physical conflict

    • Mechanisms
    • modeling
    • parenting
    • emotion regulation
    • family-wide security
  2. What are the mechanisms/pathways by which inter-parental conflict affects children (i.e. conflict affects this, which then affects the children)
  3. What is the 'emotional security hypothesis', and how does it relate to marital conflict?
  4. What is coparenting?
    • Occurs when individuals have overlapping or shared responsibility for rearing particular children
    • Consists of support and coordination (or lack of it) in the parent role
  5. How is coparenting different from marital functioning?
    • Does not deal with: romantic, sexual, companiante, emotional, financial, or legal aspects
    • Can occur outside the marital relationship
    • Does not correspond perfectly with marital functioning
    • Predicts certain outcomes beyond marital functioning
  6. Who can be considered to be coparents?
    • Not defined by biology, gender, marital, or legal status
    • Invovled meeting childrens needs
    • Divorced parents
    • Adoptive parents
    • Step-parents
    • Gay-lesbian parents
    • signigicant other
    • Extended family
    • fictive kin
  7. What are the different components of coparenting (according to Feinberg, 2003) and what do they mean?
    • Agreement/disagreement on childrearing issues
    • Division of child-related labor
    • Support/Underminin for the coparental role
    • Joint management of family interactions.
  8. What are the different components of coparenting (according to Feinberg, 2003)
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  9. Agreement
    • Moral Values, behavioral expectations, discipline, emotional needs, educational standards and priorities, safety, and peer associations
    • Disagreement have been linked with poor child outcomes - can resolve, but if not resolved, it could affect other coparenting dimensions
  10. Divison of Labor
    • Daily routines, household tasks, ongoing responsibilities for child related financial, legal, adn medical issues
    • Household chores is the single biggest predictor of conflict in postpartum period.
    • Mothers generally perform the majority of tasks and take the ultimate reponsibility
    • Not about divison but rather satisfaction with division
    • Flexibility VS. Structure/rigidity
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