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  1. tidy
    • adj.) neat and in good order; comfortable or large amount
    • v.) to put things in neat or proper order
    • I wish my daughter kept her room tidy.
  2. dread
    • v.) to be afraid; to fear or feel deep worry
    • n.) deep fear or uneasiness over what may happen
    • I dread getting up early in the morning on snowy days to drive to work.
  3. noble
    • adj.) of high birth or rank, outstanding, of good moral character
    • n.) someone of high rank or birth
    • The children of the Queen of England are considered noble.
  4. policy
    • n.) a plain set of rules or ways to act, a written insurance contract
    • We have an insurance policy for our home and car.
  5. drought
    • n.) a long time without rain, a prolonged shortage
    • The dry land in Arizona can experience drought for weeks.
  6. distract
    • v.) to draw attention to something else, cause to turn aside, to disturb
    • I distracted Chip so that our visitor could leave the house.
  7. collide
    • v.) to strike against each other with force, to clash
    • The football was fumbled because the 2 players collided.
  8. content
    • adj.) pleased with or accepting of; wanting anything else
    • n.) an amount that is held or contained, the meaning of subject of
    • Mom was content to just relax on the couch and read her book.
  9. blossom
    • n.) a flower or group of flowers; the state or time of flowering
    • v.) to have or produce flowers; to develop, open up, or appear
    • In the Spring, I love to see the flowers blossom.
  10. constant
    • adj.) never stopping; recurring; staying the same, loyal, steady
    • n.) something that does not change or vary
    • One thing that is always constant is time.
  11. slight
    • adj.) small in size or degree; not much; not important
    • v.) to treat as unimportant; to make light
    • n.) an act of neglect or discourtesy
    • He only put a slight amount of syrup in my chocolate milk.
  12. foul
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