Chapter 12 - Bone tumor

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  1. 13 year old boy has pain in his leg, he says it's worse at night and relieved with aspirin. What bone tumor?
    Osteoid osteoma: pain, symptoms worse at night, relieved with aspirin.
  2. 15 yo male grew 1 foot in 1 year. He starts complaining of pain around his knee. You take XRAY and see a bone tumor. Describe what you might see.
    • Cortical bone has codman's triangle or sunburst appearance. Patient has osteosarcoma which is the most common malignant bone tumor with exception of MM.
    • -Usually occurs in teenagers during rapid growth spurts.
  3. While using C-arm intraoperatively your hand gets imaged. You noticed a well circumscribed lesion on your 2nd finger. What bone tumor might you have?
    • Enchondroma
    • -benign cartilage forming tumor
    • -while mostly found in the hand it is one of the more common benign pedal tumors and is usually found in the proximal phalanges.
  4. This is a blood filled bone tumor that is benign?
    Aneurysmal bone cyst: blood filled, seen in females more than males. Trauma is possible etiology.
  5. 10 year old CBC reveals leukocytosis. He complains of pain in leg. What bone tumor might he have? What might you see on XRAY
    • Ewings sarcoma: symptoms include pain, swelling, fever, weight loss, and leukocytosis.
    • -radiographic evaluation: Osteolytic lesion with cortical erosions, periostitis (onion-skin pattern) and a soft tissue mass.
    • -poor prognosis
  6. What are some classic presentations of bone tumors that would identify malignancy?
    Single vs Multiple?
    Producing or destroying?
    Degree of cortical involvement?
    Periosteal reaction?
    • Multiple
    • Larger size
    • Bone destroying
    • 'moth eaten' with aggressinve lesions penetrating cortex
    • Aggressive lesions have greater periosteal rxn
  7. This bone tumor is often misdiagnosed as osteomyelitis?
    Ewings sarcoma
  8. Which two bone tumors are most commonly found in the epiphysis?
    Chondroblastoma and giant cell tumor
  9. On Xray you notice pedunculated bone growth at distal phalanx. What is the bone tumor?
  10. What is the most common benign bone tumor?
  11. What is the most common malignant bone tumor besides multiple myloma?
  12. All of the following are common sources of metastatic tumors except:
    Multiple myeloma
    All of the following are common sourses except pancrease
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