Photojournalism final

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  1. Quote on page 179
    be respectful to the subject that you are taking pictures of. dont intude on moments that dont need to be captured.
  2. Society of Professional Journalisms and National News Photography
    who the code of ethics were adopted by.
  3. W. Eugene Smith
    took much time to postition the subjects in his photographs and to adjust lighting conditions
  4. McKinney opinion on staged photos
    no on should stage photos, talented photographers can get great photos without any fakery
  5. Photo's Can Lie
    creating images that never happened, like adding things in photoshop or other editing software.
  6. have news publication altered photos and changed reality
    National Geographic move pyramids closer together in Egypt
  7. is it okay to trespass?
    No, stay on the public right away. but if it can be seen from a public place
  8. Do photojournalist have any rights that the public does not?
    no, you must obey the law.
  9. Commercial Appropriation
    you need approval to take a picture if it is going to be used for commercial purposes
  10. Copyright
    if you are working for a newpaper and take photos for your payment, you do not own your photos.
  11. CMYK
    Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black used for newspapers. can create any color!
  12. RGB
    Red, Green, Blue
  13. Depth of Field
    How much of a picture is in focus.
  14. ISO
    measures how sensitive film is to light.
  15. F-Stop
    how much light is let in the lens. the larger the number the smaller the opening, smaller number the largers the opening.
  16. shutter speed
    how long the shutter is open. 1/18 of a sec...
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