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  1. Describe the anatomical position.
    • Body is errect
    • Limbs by side
    • Palms up
    • Legs together
  2. Anterior is to posterior as medial is to
  3. Which of the following lists the regions of the upper limb from proximal to distal?
    Pectoral girdle, brachium, antebrachium, hand
  4. Which region of the trunk lies immediately superior to the thorax?
  5. The horizontal plane divides the body how?
    superior to inferior parts
  6. The coronal/frontal plane seperates the body how?
    anterior and posterior parts
  7. The horizontal planes seperates the body how?
    angels to either of the vertical planes of space
  8. The longitudinal sections seperates the body how?
    median, paramedian, or coronal planes
  9. The tranverse sections seperates the body how?
    right angles to the longitundinal axis of the body or its parts
  10. What bones forms the walls of the thoracic cavity (chest)?
    Thoracic vertebrae, ribs, and sternum
  11. What are the 3 subregions of the hand?
    Carpus, metatcarpus, digits
  12. The anatomical position of hte eys is what to the bridge of the nose?
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