To Kill a Mockingbird

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  1. amiable
    [having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner]
  2. perpetrate
    [to cause to happen; commit]
  3. appeal
    [petition for a new hearing; urgent request]
  4. corroborate
    [to work together to confirm truth or accuracy]
  5. aberration
    [mental disorder; departure from the normal]
  6. unmitigated
    [clear cut; no extenuating circumstances]
  7. squalor
    [dirty from neglect]
  8. temerity
  9. expedient
    [quick and convenient; appropriate to a purpose; means to an end]
  10. furtive
    [sly; sneaky]
  11. stolid
    [dull to the senses; without emotion]
  12. reprimand
    [verbal scolding]
  13. tactful
    [considerate in speech or action]
  14. brevity
    [shortness; briefness]
  15. demise
    [death; finish]
  16. discreet
    [careful in one’s speech or actions especially to avoid causing offense]
  17. notoriety
    [the quality of being known for an undesirable reason]

  18. impertinence
    [the quality of not being relevant]
  19. eccentricity
    [behavior that deviates from the established pattern; odd or whimsical behavior]
  20. indigent
    [poor; suffering from poverty]
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