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  1. A gene that codes for a particular protein is inserted into yeast cells and expressed. This protein is then purified, packaged, and sold as a drug to treat cancer. This thereaputic would best be classified as
    recombinant protein
  2. The first recombinant protein drug approved by the FDA
    human insulin
  3. Recombinant DNA
    contains a segment of DNA from a foreign source.
  4. Human insulin produced by genetically engineered bacteria
    is exactly the same as insulin produced by normal humans.
  5. Genetic engineering manipulates gene products at the level of
  6. A major challenge in developing a "cancer vaccine" may be
    • (b and c)
    • tumor cells may share antigens with other (healthy) tissues
    • tumor cells tend to be tolerated by the immune system as "self".
  7. An attenuated vaccine is composed of
    living, weakened microorganisms.
  8. The Gardasil vaccine has been recently approved to prevent infection with four strains of human papiloma virus. The vaccine does not use any live virus of a killed vidur, so it cannot cause disease. Which type of vaccine meets this criteria and would be effective against the virus?
    Recombinant protein vaccine
  9. Which of the following statements regarding genetic variation in the CYP-2D6 enzyme is correct
    Different ethnic groups have different frequencies of both the "poor metabolizer" and "ultra-rapid metabolizer" CYP-2D6 phenotype.
  10. Recominant protein drugs are given by injection because
    it takes a long time to absorb it from the gastrointestinal tract choice they are destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract.
  11. Which of the following laws established that drugs should be accurately labeled with contents and dosage
    Pure Food and Drug Act (1906)
  12. Which of the following laws was enacted in response to the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study
    Nathional Research Act (1974)
  13. An ____ is a multisubunit protein produced by B cells that binds to foreign substances and alters components of the immune system
  14. Which of the following is not a pharmacokinetic process?
    The drug causes dilation of blood vessels
  15. A drug which has a half life of one day is formulated as a 200mg tablet. How many milligrams of drug would remain in a patient after 2 days?
  16. Active immunity can be conferred by the administration of
  17. If a gene for a "frog slime" protein is inserted into the DNA in cat embryo, what could be the result?
    The cat would make slime identical to the frog
  18. Which of the following is an accruate description of B and T cells?
    B cells produce antibodies and T cells recognize antigens
  19. A large number of biotechnology drugs are based on monoclonal antibodies. major limitations when using mAbs isolated directly from mice as human therapeutics, include all of the following except.
    Mouse generated antibodies don't bind well to the targeted antigen
  20. How are vaccines made so that ehy do not cause disease?
    • (all of the above)
    • "killing" the infectious agent with heat or other means
    • using a component such as a surface protein of the infectious agent instead of the organism itself
    • genetically engineering the infectious angent to remove the genes that cause disease
    • using a related but non-pathogenic strain of an infectious agent
  21. Which of the following is one key requirement to make a vaccine?
    It must contain an antigen that will provide protection but not cause the disease
  22. Gene therapy could best be described as
    modifying the genetic code of a person
  23. A retrovirus ____
    integrates DNA into the host chromosome
  24. Which of the following statements regarding drug efficacy is correct?
    The maximal efficacy of an agonist is the condition at which receptor-mediated signaling by the drug is maximal (all receptors are turned on).
  25. A new headache remedy was given to a group of 25 subjects who had headaches. Four hours after taking the new remedy, 20 of the subjects reported that their headaches had disappeared. From this information you can conclude
    nothing, because there is no control group for comparison.
  26. Why are non-immunized school age children often protected from vaccine-preventable diseases such as diptheria, measles, and polio?
    Because the majority of children are immunized against these diseases (herd immunity).
  27. Antibodies resemble which letter of the alphabet ___
  28. Manufacturing recombinant DNA molecules involves cutting a gene from its normal location, inserting it into a circular piece of DNA from a bacterial cell, and then transferring the circle of DNA to cells of another species. Which of the tools below is used to cut the gene from its normal location?
    Restriction enzyme
  29. Which of the following best explains why a monogenic disease would be the most amenable to treatment using a gene therapy protocol?
    a monogenic disease only has one gene that is defective
  30. Fully humanized antibodies
    may be derived from transgenic animals
  31. The discovery of the mustard liquid drugs would best be described as
    phenotypic drug discovery
  32. Legislation passed after a legally marketed drug killed 107 people, most of whom were children
    Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (1938)
  33. The effective dose 50% (ED50) is most closely associated with a drugs
  34. Which of the following statements is not true about cytochrome P450 enzymes?
    They are responsible for the biological activity of early chemotherapy agents
  35. Which of the following is usually the "goal" of drug metabolism
    Metabolism makes a drug more water soluble
  36. The most common factor associated with variation in an individual's response to a drug is
    genetic variation in enzymes that metabolize drugs
  37. During the early years of cancer research, there were two schools of thought regarding the causes of cancer: 1) that cancer was caused entirely by environmental factors, and 2) that cancer was caused by genetic factors. Which was correct?
    Both were correct; most chemical carcinogens function by altering genes.
  38. NSAIDs work by
    blocking production of prostaglandins.
  39. Which federal law would a pharmaceutical company be accsed of violating if their television advertisement was misleading?
    Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938
  40. Which pharmacoeconomic analysis has the advantage of being the simplest to conduct because the outcomes are assumed to be equivalent
  41. During which phase in the development of pharmaceutical drugs is the drug tested on healthy human volunteers to test for toxicity?
    Phase I clinical trials
  42. A phase II trial is mainly used to determine
    effective dose
  43. Some components in food inhibit one of the major CYP enzymes that metabolize many drugs. This inhibition would results in the following outcome:
    Parent drug concentrations of drugs metabolized by this enzyme are increased due to the inhibition of the enzyme
  44. The method of comparing the cots and benefits of health care interventions in which benefits are quantified as length and quality of life is
    cost-utility analysis
  45. When Pfizer's patent for Lipitor expires in about a year
    Pfizer is anticipated to lose revenue from the exclusivity provided by its patent even though it can continue to sell artovastatin calcium as Lipitor exclusively.
  46. Mrs. C lives in the first 30 years of her life in perfect health. At age 30, she develops tennis elbow but has no other problems until age 60 when she dies from a sudden stroke. Assuming her tennis elbow gave her a quality of life score of 90%, how many total QALY's did she have?
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