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  1. egocentric
    selfish, thinking only of themselves
  2. snob
    a person who respects and likes only people who are of a high social class, and/or a person who has extremely high standards who is not satisfied by the things that ordinary people like
  3. critical
    saying that someone or something is bad or wrong
  4. petty
    complaining too much about things which are not important
  5. narrow-minded
    not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own
  6. fussy
    not easily satisfied; having very high standards or very fixed standards about particular things
  7. stubborn
    someone who is determined to do what they want and refuses to do anything else
  8. obstinate
    unreasonably determined, especially to act in a particular way and not to change at all, despite what anyone else says
  9. materialistic
    believing that having money and possessions is the most important thing in life
  10. mercenary
    interested only in the amount of money that you can get from a situation
  11. possessive
    Someone who is ................ in his or her feelings and behaviour towards or about another person wants to have all of that person's love and attention and will not share it with anyone else
  12. unpredictable
    likely to change suddenly and without reason and therefore not able to be predicted (= expected before it happens) or depended on
  13. indecisive
    not good at making decisions
  14. two-faced
    describes someone who is not sincere, saying unpleasant things about you to other people while seeming to be pleasant when they are with you
  15. hypocritical
    saying that you have particular moral beliefs but behaving in a way that shows these are not sincere
  16. dishonest
    not honest
  17. changeable
    describes something that often changes
  18. temperamental
    describes someone whose mood often changes very suddenly
  19. insincere
    pretending to feel something that you do not really feel, or not meaning what you say
  20. unreliable
    not able to be trusted or believed; not reliable
  21. impressionable
    describes someone, usually a young person, who is very easily influenced by the people around them and by what they are told, and who sometimes copies other people's behaviour
  22. gullible
    easily deceived or tricked, and too willing to believe everything that other people say
  23. weak-willed
    not having the determination that is needed to continue with a difficult course of action
  24. cowardly
    a person who is too eager to avoid danger, difficulty or pain
  25. passive
    not acting to influence or change a situation; allowing other people to be in control
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