Asia part 3

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  1. Who did the UN and the US together pick to lead the action in Korea?
    General Macarthur
  2. What sea in Korea did the troops come in on to pinch off communist forces?
    the Yellow Sea
  3. What issue cause President Truman to have to fire General Macarthur?
    He wanted to invade China, and he wasn't willing to back down
  4. The UN was winning the Korean Peace action until what point?
    the Chinese entered the war and they pushed the forces back down
  5. How long did the UN and Northern Korean forces go back and forth?
    2 and a half years
  6. What was the position of the boundary line both before and after the Korean war?
    the 38th parallel
  7. In 1953 where did the conference take place between North Korea and and UN?
    Pan Mun Jom
  8. What was declared in July of 1953 for the Korean peace action?
  9. what does armistice mean?
    we're going to stop shooting at each other and we're going to sit at a table and talk
  10. What is the strongest point in North Korea right now?
    their army
  11. When the Olympics were held in Sole who wanted to be a part of it?
    North Korea
  12. How many events did the olympic committee allow the North Koreans to hold and what one was the most important?
    • 5 events
    • the marathon
  13. what was the one requirement that the olympic committee made of North Korea?
    they must allow spectators into North Korea to watch the games
  14. What percentage of Koreans are Christians?
  15. How many Chinese Christians are there?
    250 million
  16. in what way in South Korea better than us according to Professor Jenkinson?
    their military
  17. Most young men in Korea have to serve in the army for how many years?
    2 years
  18. which of the 7 economic tigers is close allies with us?
    South Korea
  19. North Korea is on the US list for being what?
    a renegade or terrorist nation
  20. Why is Taiwan not considered by some to be its own country?
    because China considers it a province of China
  21. Which of the 7 economic tigers is on of our strongest trading partners?
  22. What people in Taiwan wanted to be left alone?
    the tribal people
  23. Why did a lot of Chinese flee to Taiwan?
    Because Chine became a communist territory
  24. What did Taiwan used to be called?
    the Democratic Republic of China
  25. Who led the Democratic Republic of China?
  26. Who immediately accepted the the Democratic Republic of China as China?
    the US
  27. what is another name for mainland China?
    the people's republic of China
  28. Who at one time was the 4th largest trading partner with us?
  29. in the mid 1800's what wars were fought in Hong Kong?
    2 opium wars
  30. Where did the westerners originally have their warehouses in China?
  31. When China wanted the westerners out what did they do?
    They moved to Hong Kong and declared it theirs
  32. What area of Chine did the Portugese take?
    the Macal Penisula
  33. When was the 99 year lease created
  34. What was the 99 year lease
    The British leased the New Territory and Kowloon for 99 years
  35. When did the 99 year lease go up?
  36. What did Britain decide to do when the 99 year lease went up?
    They gave the land back to China and gave Hong Kong back as well
  37. What did Hong Kong become when the Communists took over?
    the gateway for trade into China
  38. what did Hong Kong become the Avenue for?
    illegal trade and drugs
  39. How many Chinese escaped to Hong Kong per month after the communists took over?
    15,000 people per month
  40. When did the Portugese give up Macal?
  41. What area in China still receives special economic privileges even now?
    Hong Kong
  42. What city is also a country?
  43. What country is gaining land from the ocean like the Netherlands?
  44. Where are there 200 pirate attacks annually?
    the striaghts of Mallocka
  45. Where did the British cut through during the age of exploration?
    the striaghts of Malaysia
  46. What did the British make along the straights?
  47. Who originally made the settlement that turned into Singapore
  48. What is evidence that Singapore was a rough place?
    • gang warfare
    • sailors couldn't write their own names
    • 75% of people were 20 or younger
    • 75% were Chinese
  49. When did Singapore become independent of Britain?
  50. Who was elected as leader of Singapore who later became almost a dictator?
  51. How did Lee clean up Singapore?
    • if you bring drugs in you're sent to jail or shot
    • they still preform caning (23 times, telephone pole)
    • 500$ fine for spitting your gum on the sidewalk
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