bio lec final pt2

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  2. mature bone cells are called?
  3. bone is removed and repaired by which cells?
  4. bone cells responsible for secreting the matrix of bone are?
  5. the unit of concentric circles of lamalla is called the?
  6. bone cells are found in openings called?
  7. bone cells are connected to blood supply by?
  8. band of cartilage that allows increase in bone length and width are?
    epipheseal disk
  9. blank
  10. tendons usually connect?
    bone to muscle
  11. ligaments usually connect?
    bone to bone
  12. smooth muscles are? (4)
    • ininucleated
    • non-striated
    • spindle shaped
    • found in walls of internal blood vessels and organs
  13. the pacemaker of the heart is the?
    SA node and AB node
  14. blood from the body is first recieved by the heart in which chamber?
    Right atrium
  15. the pulmonary artery carries blood away from which heart chamber?
    right ventricle
  16. which chamber of the heart recieves blood form the lungs?
    left atrium
  17. the aorta leaves wich heart chamber?
    left ventricle
  18. artia recieves blood from?
    • body and lungs
  19. blood in arteries always travels?
  20. the valve between the left atrium and left ventricle is the?
    bicuspid valve; mytril valve
  21. the valve between the right atrium and the right valve is the?
    tricuspid valve
  22. the valve between the left ventricle and the aorta is?
    aortic semilunar valve
  23. the valve between the right ventricle and the pulmonary arteries is the?
    pulmonary semilunar valve
  24. blood moves in arteries due to? (a)
    blood movement in veins is assisted by?(b)
    • (a) blood pressure
    • (b) valves (unidirectional)
  25. megakaryocytes produce?
  26. versions af atoms with different numbers of neutrons are?
  27. the sunstance that dissolves in a liquid is called the solute
  28. atoms that gain electrons or atoms that loose electons are called?
  29. a molecule that can collect a hydrogen is called?
  30. the difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is that prokaryotic cells?
    prokaryocytes have no nucleas
  31. cells with missing or extra chromosomes are said to be?
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