Science terms 61-80

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  1. compound
    any matter composed of two or more different elements chemically combined together
  2. finite number
    a specified number that can be determined
  3. contraction
    when particles of matter lose energy and move closer together
  4. expansion
    when particles of matter gain energy and move farther away from each other
  5. heat
    the transfer of energy from one object to another
  6. dissolve
    when a substance breaks up and disperses within another substance forming a soulution
  7. evaporate
    change of state from a liquid to a gas at the surface of a liquid
  8. decay
    rotting, breaking down, or decomposing of living or non-living matter
  9. thermal energy
    the movement of particles within a substance
  10. temperature
    measure of the amount of thermal energy in any object
  11. speed
    the rate at which something is traveling(how fast it is going)
  12. force
    any push or pull on an object
  13. medium (media)
    the substance through which somehting is transmitted or carried
  14. friction
    the rubbing of two objects together
  15. inertia
    tendency for an object to resist a change in motion
  16. vector arrows
    used to show the direction that forces are being applied to an object
  17. air resistance
    the upward force applied by our atmosphere to a falling object
  18. deviate
    when something differs from a specified direction or a designated norm
  19. net force
    the force that results from combining all the forces exerted on an object
  20. unbalanced force
    when the net force of an object is not zero, this produces a change in motion
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