Med Term Final Pt.2

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  1. poly/morph/o/nuclear leuk/o/cyte
    • (polymorphnucleuar-WBC w/ multi-lobe nucleus)
    • neutrophil; most numerous of granuloctyes
  2. hernia
    protusion of an organ or muscular wall of an organ thru the cavity that normally contains it; a rupture
  3. hiatal hernia
    stomach protudes upward into the mediastinum thru esophageal opening in diagphragm
  4. inguinal hernia
    part of intestine protrudes downward into groun region
  5. rect/o/cele
    hernia of rectum
  6. omphal/o/cele
    • (omphal/o = umbilibus,naval)
    • intestines thru the navel occur in infants at birth
  7. cyst/o/cele
    hernia of bladder
  8. cyan/o/sis
    cond. of blue discoloration of skin/mucus membrane
  9. ischem/ia
    hold back blood from part of body
  10. thromb/o/sis
    abnormal cond of clotting
  11. pleur/isy
    inflammation of pleura
  12. empy/ema
    puss in pleural cavity
  13. atel/ectasis
    • (atel/o = incomplete, -ectastis = expansion)
    • incomplete expansion of alveoli; collapsed
  14. pneum/o/conio/sis
    abnormal cond caued by dust in lungs
  15. anthra/cosis
    coal dust; black lung disease
  16. asbest/o/sis
    asbestos particles in lungs
  17. silic/o/sis
    rocks or glass; grinder's disease (lungs)
  18. arrhythmias
    abnrml heart rhythyms
  19. chambers of heart
    • right atrium
    • right ventricle
    • left atrium
    • left ventricle
  20. tricupsid valve
    RA to RV
  21. pulmonary valve
    RV to PA
  22. mitral valve
    LA to LV
  23. aorta valve
    LV to aorta to body
  24. masticate
    to chew
  25. de/gluti/tion
  26. emulsification
    physical process of breaking up lrg fat globules into smaller; for enzyme to digest fat
  27. ascites
    abnrml accumulation of fluid in abdomen
  28. parts of small intestines
    • duodenum
    • jejunum
    • ileum
  29. pancreas enzymes
    • amylase - break down starch
    • lipase - digest fat
    • protease - digest proteins
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