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  1. Board of pharmacy mission
    to protect public health, welfare and safety with reguards to pharmacy practice
  2. Authority of the board of pharmacy
    • to inspect licensed locations
    • to issue injunction against unlicensed activity
  3. Practice of pharmacy
    • interpretation and evaluation of rx/orders
    • MTP
    • dispensing/labeling/administration
    • drug selection
    • DUR
    • immunizations with notification of intent or certificate issued by the board
  4. Pharmacy technician
    • assists pharmacist
    • must be registered with board
    • must keep copy at location of work & display
  5. disqualification list
    • if on the list, may not be employed by a pharmacy
    • must report disciplinary action taken against pharmacy technicians to the board
  6. If board refuses license
    • notify applicant
    • applicant has right to file complaint with AHC
    • board may file a complaint against licensee for substance abuse or criminal offence
  7. Prescription substitution lines
    • two lines
    • right side is DAW
    • left side is substitution permitted
  8. prescription label
    • date filled
    • rx number
    • patient's name
    • directions for use
    • prescriber's name
    • name and address of pharmacy
    • exact nae and dosage of drug dispensed
    • refills
    • mfg and generic substitution if occured
  9. Renewal of license/permit
    • must renew 30 days before expires every 2 years
    • must complete 30 hours of CE every 2 years
  10. if license not renewed
    • Name removed from register
    • Must pay delinquent fee and renewal fee
    • If not renewed in 2 years person is treated as if never registered
  11. board may place a pharmacist on probation
    not more than 5 years
  12. board may suspend a pharmacist license
    not more than 3 years
  13. board my revoke a license
    • for felony convitions related to practice
    • board will conduct a hearing
  14. Revocation of a license
    may be for 2-7 years before reinstatement
  15. If license not active for more than 2 years
    • board may require applicant to attend CPE courses
    • pass NAPLEX
    • pass MPJE
  16. Display of license and permits
    pharmacist license, store permit and renewals should be conspicuously displayed
  17. Definition of prescription/drug order
    issued and signed by authroized prescriber under scope of practice
  18. telephone prescription
    • transmitted to a pharmacist by phone by authroized prescriber
    • promptly reduced to written or electronic medium by pharmacist
  19. all prescription orders for drugs and devices must be kept for
    5 years
  20. Files over ___ years old my be stored on microfilm or electronic media storage
    3 years
  21. members of the board of pharmacy
    • 7 members
    • 6 are licensed pharmacist
    • 1 is a public member
    • appointed by governor for 5 year term
    • at least 1 pharmacist has to provide to a hospital, snf or icf on a full time basis
  22. any licensed person who is convicted will be guilty of
    class A misdemeanor
  23. any person not licensed who violates the law and is conviced will be guilty of
    class C felony
  24. Out of state prescriptions
    pharmacist may fill rx written by practitioner licensed in another state
  25. management of pharmacy operation
    must be under supervision of a pharmacist
  26. receiving drugs from an unlicensed distributor
    • unlawful
    • class A misdemeanor
  27. drug wholesale distributors in or out of state
    must register with the board to do business in the state
  28. a pharmacy must licesnse as a distributor if
    distribution constitutes 5% of the pharmacy's gross sales
  29. Pharmacist on duty
    • must be present at all times
    • if remote dispensing, RPH must be accessible at all times to respond to inquiries
  30. if pharmacist not on duty
    • no rx compounded or dispensed
    • signs must be posted that pharmacist is not on duty on all entrances and the rx counter with letter size at least 2 inches
    • cannot sell already filled rx
  31. Required pharmacy equipment
    • equipment in USP or remingtons needed for dispensing or compounding
    • machine for numbering all rx
    • printing equipment for labels
  32. required pharmacy documents
    • latest reference manual covering pharmacology, doses and clinical effets and patient information
    • current edition of statutes and rules
    • refridgerator w/ freezer
  33. pharmacy conditions
    • clean at all times
    • hot and cold water supply
    • appropriate sanitation of areas where drugs are stored and dispensed
  34. storage of medications
    • must be stored at temp recommended by mfg
    • must be stored separately from food and other items
  35. pharmacy security
    • must deter thefor of drugs
    • alarm system or locks
    • may have registered off site storage
  36. pharmacist should notify board within ___ days of change of employment and when changing ____.
    • 15 days
    • address
  37. when permit holder knows or should have known that an employee has violated rules
    permit holder is subject to discipline
  38. pharmacy must report technician disciplinary action within
    15 days
  39. notifications of technicion disciplinary action must include
    • name and permit number of pharmacy
    • name of person making notification
    • name of technitian
    • tech registration number
    • date of action
    • reason for action
  40. pharmacy shall maintain 3 separate files of prescrptions
    • one for CII
    • one for CIII0V
    • one for non controlled rx
  41. must maintain invntories and records of all transactions with legend drugs for
    • 2 years
    • must be readily retrievable
  42. samples
    pharmacies not allowed to have
  43. class I consultant pharmacies
    • separate lockable room
    • 3 year documentation requirements
    • report breach of security of records or internet within 7 days
  44. written notice of termination of business must be submitted to the board within ___ after termination date
    15 days
  45. notice of termination must include
    • name, address and license number & effective closing date
    • transfer of stock/inventory to...
    • name of location where records have been transfered
    • must be retrievable w/in 7 days
  46. on date of termination must
    complete CS inventory
  47. Requires new permit
    • transfer from sole proprietor
    • if stock holder purchases 25% or more
    • change of location
    • must approve remodeling 30 days before changes made
  48. public complaint
    • must be in writing and identify maker
    • board communicates decision to maker
    • closed record(not public)
    • board may file complaint with AHC
  49. prescription hard copies must be filed by
    label number or by unique identifier to be retrievable
  50. Pharmacy using an EDP system must
    • have a bound logbook for the pharmacist to sign each day attesting that scripts were filled accurately
    • must be maintained for 5 years
  51. EDP records are to be available online within
    2 hours
  52. if EDP system is not working, another system must be used and the info must be entered into the EDP within
    7 adys
  53. Transfers out of the pharmacy
    must note so or be deactivated
  54. transfers back to the original pharmacy
    treat as a new rx
  55. EDP system must be able to list drug utilization for any drug for at least ____ by ____, ____, ____ within ____ days of request
    • the past 12 months
    • drug name
    • patient
    • practitioner
    • 3 days
  56. electornic transmission of prescription includes
    both image and data prescriptions
  57. rx for non controlled substances are good for
    1 year
  58. transfer of controlled substance mst be between
    2 pharmacists
  59. PIC of hospital or ambulatory care reports disciplinary actions to
    • facility CEO
    • CEO reports to board
  60. patient counseling requirement
    • minimum requirement is to offer counseling
    • any pharmacy employee
    • written offer when pt or caregiver not available
    • offer required on all new and refill rx
    • inpatients are exempt
  61. risk level 1 sterile compounding
    compounded from sterile products
  62. risk level 2 sterile compounding
    compounded from steril products with more manipulations
  63. risk level 3 sterile compounding
    compounded from non steril products
  64. compounding records must be maintainted for
    2 years
  65. a pharmacist administering drugs pursuant to an order sal notify the prescriber within ___ after administration.
    72 hours
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