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  1. List the four types of tissue.
    • epithelium
    • connective
    • muscle
    • nervous tissue
  2. The orientation of epithelia is known as it's:
  3. All epithelial tissue rests on a:
    basement membrane
  4. The surface of epithelium that faces the environment is the _______ surface.
  5. The surface of epithelium that faces the basement membrane is the:
    basal surface
  6. The surfaces of epithelial cells that face other cells is the _______ surface.
  7. What is the function of goblet cells?
    to produce mucens
  8. What is the function of cilia on epithelial cells?
    move things across the surface of the cell
  9. What is the benefit of microvilli on the epithelial cell surface?
    increase membrane area for increased diffusion and transport
  10. How are secretions from a merocrine gland released?
    through exocytosis
  11. A gland who secretes by means of pinching off the top part of the cell is most likely a(n):
    apocrine gland
  12. Which type of gland secretes products by means of rupturing the entire cell?
    holocrine gland
  13. List the two primary functions of simple squamos epithelium.
    • reduce friction
    • regulate permeability
  14. List the three primary functions of simple cuboidal and simple columnar epithelium.
    • secretion
    • absorption
    • protection
  15. List the two primary functions of pseudostratified columnar epithelium.
    • secretion
    • protection
  16. What does transitional epithelium allow for that other epithelia does not?
    distention (stretching)
  17. What is the function of mesenchyme?
    to differentiate into all other types of connective tissue
  18. What is the primary function of mucus connective tissue?
    support embryonic life
  19. What is the function of mast cells?
    to produce and release histamine and heparin
  20. What is another word for stem cells?
    mesenchymal cells
  21. What type of cell builds up connective tissue?
  22. A fibrocyte is a:
    mature connective tissue cell
  23. A type of white blood cell that is involved in the immune response is a:
  24. Lis the two primary functions for dense regular collagenous CT.
    • stabilizers
    • provide firm attachment
  25. What is the primary function of dense irregular collagenous CT?
    strength - resist forces from all directions
  26. What are the two primary functions of dense regular elastic CT?
    • stabilization
    • expand and return to shape
  27. What are the two primary benefits of dense irregular elastic CT?
    • able to expand in multiple directions
    • returns to original shape after distention
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