HUN Exam4 Eating Disorders

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  1. Diff b/w primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea
    • Primary: menarch delayed beyond 16 yrs of age
    • Secondary: absence of 3-6 consecutive periods
  2. Phychiatric disorder concerning obsession w/building body mass
    Muscle dysmorphia
  3. Diagnostic criteria of anorexia includes body weight < ___% of expected weight (or BMI <E to 17 kg/m2)
    • 85%
    • 17
  4. 2 types of anorexia
    • Restriciting type: no binge or purging
    • Binge/Purge type: regular binging or purging
  5. Complications of anorexia include:
    __ metabolism
    __ energy
    __ body temp
    __ HR
    Low protein intake causes ___
    Possible ___
    (3) organ damage
    Damaged hair/nails
    • Low
    • Low
    • Low
    • Slowed
    • edema
    • Muscle, heart, kidney damage
  6. Diagnostic criteria binge eating includes binging ___x/wk for at least __ months; lack of control
    2x/wk for 3 months
  7. Ppl w/___ are more likely to admit have a prob than ppl w/__
    bulimia; anorexia
  8. Family types of those w/anorexia vs bulimia
    • Anorexia: controlling & pressuring
    • Bulimia: drugs & alcohol
  9. Diff b/w binge-eating disorder and bulimia
    • Binge-eating disorder: 2 binges/wk for 6 months (vs 3 months w/bulimia)
    • Also, no purging
  10. Binge-eating disorder effects 2-5% population, many of which are in weight loss programs, and have been diagnosed w/depression. These ppl do not purge, they just eat like a mothafucka.
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