Ocean Circulation Review

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  1. What is a gyre?
    circular ocean currents
  2. Deep water currents move primaril through ___.
    deep waters
  3. What causes deep currents?
    Thermohaline Circulation
  4. What drives surface currents?
  5. Gyres in Northern Hemishpere move to the ___.
  6. Gyres in the southern hemispher move to the ___.
  7. Ocean currents on the western side of an ocean basin like the Gulf Stream tend to be ___.
    fast, narrow, and warm
  8. The overall purpose of air and water circulation is to ___.
    create thermal balance
  9. What causes the Ekman spiral?
  10. When surface waters are pushed away from land, ____ is common, especially along the western South American coast.
  11. Deep ocean water (colder water) generally has high amounts of ____.
    oxygen and nutrients
  12. The ultimate source of most energy for ocean and air currents is ___.
    the sun
  13. Winds and ocean circulation (currents) are created as a result of ___.
    unequal solar heating
  14. Variations in the ocean's circulation can lead to variations in the heat transport and thus lead to variations in ____.
    ocean circulation
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