Chapter 11: Interest Groups

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  1. Lobby & Lobbyist
    To try to influence the thinking of legislators or other public officials for or against a specific cause
  2. Ideological Interest Group
    Political organizations that attract members by appealing to their political convications or principles.
  3. Public-Interest Lobby
    A political organization whose goals will principally benefit nonmembers.
  4. Ralph Nader
    an American political activist, as well as an author, lecturer, and attorney. 5 time candidate for president
  5. Social Movement
    A widely shared demand for change in some aspect of the social or political order.
  6. Environmental Movement
    a term often used for any social or political movement directed towards the preservation, restoration, or enhancement of the natural environment.
  7. Feminist Movement
    a social theory and political movement primarily informed and motivated by the experience of women. While generally providing a critique of social relations, many proponents of feminism also focus on analyzing gender inequality and the promotion of women's rights, interests, and issues.
  8. Union Movement
    was a right-wing political party founded in Britain by Oswald Mosley. the Union Movement attempted to redefine the concept by stressing the importance of developing a European nationalism rather than narrower country-based nationalisms.
  9. Direct Mail
    the use of mail addressed to potential customers as a way of advertising, or the promotional material that is mailed
  10. Grassroots Lobbying
    a form of lobbying that focuses on raising awareness of a particular cause at the local level, with the intention of reaching the legislature and making a difference in the decision-making process.
  11. Revolving Door
    ften individuals rotate between working for industry and working for the government in regulatory capacities
  12. Iron Triangles
    A close relationship between an agency, a congressional committee, and an interest group.
  13. Earmarks
    a legislative (especially congressional) provision that directs approved funds to be spent on specific projects, or that directs specific exemptions from taxes or mandated fees.
  14. Interest Group
    An organization of people sharing a common interest or goal that seeks to influence the making of public policy.
  15. Solidary Incentive
    The social rewards (sense of pleasure, statues, or companionship) that lead people to join political organizations
  16. Material Incentives
    Money or thins valued in monetary terms.
  17. Purposive Incentives
    A benefit that coes from serving a cause or principle.
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