spleen pathway

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  1. pathologies of the spleen channel
    • belching
    • vomiting
    • epigastric pain
    • abdominal distention
    • loose stools
    • Jaundice
    • heaviness of the body
    • lassitude
    • stiffness and pain in root of the tongue
    • swelling and coldness in the medial aspect of the thigh and knee
  2. spleen channel begins
    spleen 1
  3. crossing points on the sp channel
    lung 1
  4. spleen channel extra organs
    • (spleen)
    • (stomach)
    • HEART
  5. tissue of the spleen channel
    lower surfacce of the tongue
  6. linkage of the spleen channel
    • from ren 10 to the heart
    • (spleen makes blood in the heart)
  7. 3 branches from ren 10 go to
    • heart
    • spleen
    • bacck to primary channel
  8. speen luo point
    spleen 4
  9. pathway of spleen luo
    • -originates at sp 4
    • -connects with the stomach channel
    • -enters the abdomen and connects with the intestestines and stomach
  10. xu symptoms of spleen luo
    • ascites
    • flatulence
    • abdominal fullness and distention
    • childhood nutritional impairment
  11. shi symptoms of spleen luo
    pain in the stomach and intestines
  12. spleen great luo point
    spleen 21
  13. spleen great luo pathway
    • seperates from the primary channel at spleen 21
    • spreads through the chest and lateral costal region gathering the blood of the luo connecting channels of the whole body
  14. spleen great luo xu symptoms
    • muscle atrophy
    • flacidity and weakness of the joints
    • chronic fatigue
    • post surgical or post partum weakness
  15. spleen great luo shi symptoms
    • multiple site arthritis
    • bi syndrome
    • fibromyalgia
    • chronic disease
    • M.S.
    • Lupus
  16. Spleen TM \ Sinew knots at the
    ankle, knee, upper thigh, abdomen, lateral costal region
  17. spleen TM \ Sinew channel pathological symptoms
    • strained big toe
    • pain in medial malleolus
    • pain and cramping along the course of the channel
    • pain on medial aspect of the knee
    • pain of medial thigh that reaches inguinal region
    • twisting pain of the genitals that may reach the navel and the lateral costal region or lead to pain of the chest and spine
    • "testicular torsion"
  18. spleen divergent channel seperates at
    anterior thigh
  19. spleen divvergent channel enters
    St 30 (sp 12) area
  20. spleen divergent channel emerges at
    the throat
  21. spleen divergent channel converges at
    the mouth
  22. pathway of spleen divergent channel
    branches from the primary channel in the middle of the anterior thigh, follows the stomach divergent channel to the throat where it penetrates in the tongue
  23. spleen divergent channel treats
    • *spleen\heart connection
    • deficiency of qi and blood
    • mental disorders (heart)
    • digestive problems
    • phlegm in the throat
    • thyroid disorders
    • ulcers of the mouth and tongue
    • unclear speech due to phlegm and damp accumulating in the tongue
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