Chapter one Historical and Contemporary Nursing Practice

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  1. What is nursing?
    (8 things)
    • Nursing is caring
    • Nursing is an art
    • Nursing is a science
    • Nursing is client oriented
    • Nursing is Holistic
    • Nursing is Adaptive
    • Nursing is concerned with health promotion, health maintenance, and health restoration
    • Nursing is a helping Profession
  2. What are 3 types of clients?
    • Individuals
    • Families
    • Communities
  3. What 4 areas does Nursing Involve?
    • Promoting health and wellness
    • Preventing Illness
    • Restoring Health
    • Caring of Dying
  4. Nurse practice act does what?
    • Are legal acts for professional nursing practice, regulate the practice of nursing in the US w/ each state having its own act.
    • Common purpose protect public
    • Nurses are responsible for knowing their state’s practice act
    • It governs their practice
  5. What does the Standards of Nursing Practice do?
  6. Describes the responsibilities for which nurses are accountable
    • Establishing and implementing Standards of Practice are major functions of a professional organization
    • ANA develops generic in nature by using foundation, and provide for the practice of nursing regardless of area of specialization
  7. What are the roles of the Nurse?
    • Caregiver
    • Communicator
    • Teacher
    • Client advocate
    • Counselor
    • Change agent
    • Leader
    • Manager
    • Case Manager
    • Research Consumer
    • Expanded Career roles
  8. Functions of a nurse in a caregiver's role does what?
    • Activities that assist ct physically and psychologically while persevering ct dignity
    • A nurse may provide care directly or delegate it to other caregivers
  9. Functions of a nurse in a communicator's role does what?
    • In this role, nurses identify ct problems & then communicator these verbally or in writing to other members of the health team
    • Quality is important factor in nursing care
    • Must be able to communicate clearly and accurately for a ct health care needs to be met
  10. Functions of a nurse in a Teacher's role does what?
    Nurse helps ct learn about their health and health care procedures they need to perform to restore or maintain their health
  11. Functions of a nurse in a Client advocate's role does what?
    • Acts to protect ct
    • Nurse may represent the ct needs and wishes to other health professionals
    • Also assist ct in exercising their rights and help them speak up for themselves
  12. Functions of a nurse in a Counselor's role does what?
    Process of helping ct recognize &cope w/ stressful psychological or social problems, to develop improved interpersonal relationships, & promote personal growth
  13. Functions of a nurse in a Change Agent's role does what?
    Assisting ct to make modifications in their behavior
  14. Functions of a nurse in a Leader's role does what?
    Influences others to work together to accomplish a specific goal
  15. Functions of a nurse in a Manager's role does what?
  16. Delegates nursing activities to ancillary workers and other nurses, and supervises and evaluates their performance
    Requires knowledge about organizational structure and dynamics, authority and accountability, leadership, change theory, advocacy, delegation, and supervision and evaluation
  17. Functions of a nurse in a Case Manager's role does what?
    • Work w/ multidisciplinary health care team to measure the effectiveness of the case management plan and to monitor outcomes.
    • Help ensure that care is oriented to the ct, while controlling costs
  18. Functions of a nurse in a Research Consumer's role does what?
    • Use research to improve ct care
    • In a clinical area, nurses need to:
    • *Have some awareness of the process and language of research
    • *Be sensitive to issues related to protecting the rights of human subjects
    • *Participate in the identification of significant researchable problems
    • *Be a discriminating consumer of research and autonomy
  19. What are the 6 Criteria of a professional?
    • Its requirement of prolonged , specialized training to acquire a body of knowledge pertinent to the role performed
    • An orientation of the individual toward service, either to a community or to an organization
    • Ongoing research
    • A code of ethics
    • Autonomy
    • A professional organization
  20. Which Stage of Brenner's Stages of Nursing Expertise?
    ·No experience (nursing Student)
    ·Performance is limited, inflexible, and governed by context-free rules and regulations rather than experience
    Stage I Novice
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