terms for final quiz 2 urinary system

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  1. arteriole
    smallest artery
  2. Bowman capsule
    enclosing structure surrounding each glomerulus
  3. calyx
    cup-like structure, first in filtration
  4. glomerulus
    tiny ball of capillaries
  5. hilum
    depression in an organ
  6. meatus
    opening or canal
  7. renal artery
    carries blood to the kidneys
  8. renal pelvis
    collecting area
  9. ureter
    1 of 2 tubes that carries urine from kidneys to bladder
  10. bladder
    temporary storage of urine
  11. urethra
    between the bladder and meatus
  12. nephron
    renal tubule and glomerulus
  13. renal tubule
    microscopic tubes in kidney where urine is formed after filtration
  14. the primary function of the urinary system is to
    remove nitrogenous waste from the bloodstream
  15. An electrolyte is a chemical that
    carries an electrical charge when dissolved in water
  16. renin
    the hormone secreted by the kidneys to aid in regulating blood pressure
  17. urea
    main nitrogenous waste found in urine, a by-product of the breakdown of proteins
  18. erythropoietin
    hormone made by the kidneys that stimulates red blood cell production
  19. micturition
    act of voiding
  20. filtration
    initial process of urine production is by passing blood through the glomerulus
  21. reabsorption
    active process of returning essential electrolytes and fluid back into the bloodstream via the tubules
  22. secretion
    final process of urine formation where the remaining waste products are passed from the renal tubule
  23. urinary catheterization
    passage of a flexible, tubular instrument through the urethra into the bladder
  24. cystitis
    inflammation of the urinary bladder
  25. cystoscopy
    visual examination of the bladder
  26. nephroptosis
    drooping of the kidney
  27. nephrolithotomy
    removal of kidney stones
  28. renal ischemia
    deficiency of blood flow to the kidney
  29. renal colic
    spasms of the kidney
  30. hydronephriosis
    a condition in which there is excess fluid upon the kidneys
  31. urethroplasty
    to surgically repair a urethra
  32. vesicoureteral reflux
    a back flow of urine into the bladder and ureters
  33. polycystic kidneys
    many fluid-filled sacs on or within the kidney
  34. enuresis
    involuntary urination at night
  35. urethral stricture
    narrowing or blockage of a urethra
  36. hematuria
    blood in the urine
  37. dysuria
    painful urination
  38. pyuria
    pus in the urine
  39. anuria
    without urine
  40. oliguria
    scanty urine
  41. glycosuria
    sugar in the urine
  42. polyuria
    lots of urine
  43. KUB
    procedure of kidneys, ureters, bladder
  44. UTI
    urinary tract infection
  45. diabetes inspidus
    polydyspia and polyuria are the two major symptoms
  46. bacteruria
    lab test where bacteria from urine are grown and then tested with antibiotics
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