Chapter 21

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  1. Who sent the army to arrest members of Parliment?
    Charles I
  2. Who was king at the beginnning of the Reformation?
    Charles II
  3. What is ultimate power held by an individual?
    Absolute monarchy
  4. What is the belief that one holds ultimate athority and they answer to God alone?
    Divine Right
  5. What religion did Phillip II follow?
  6. Was Phillip II against or for Protestanism?
  7. Who created the Spanish Armada?
    Phillip II
  8. The defeat of the Spanish Armada lead to what country's end of being a major power?
  9. What lead to the defeat of the Spanish Armada?
    Bad weather and England had better weapons
  10. Durring the Bourban Dynasty, who was against the Catholics?
    The Heugonots
  11. Who was the ruler during the Bourban Dynasty that ruled through 8 years of war between the Protestants and Catholics?
    Henry IV
  12. Which king gave up Protestanism and took up Catholisism to keep peace?
    King Henry IV
  13. Who declared Huegonots could live in peace?
    Henry IV
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