terms for final quiz 4 female and male reproductive systems

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  1. ovary
    small, almond shaped female gonad
  2. labia
    fleshy covering of vagina
  3. endometrium
    innermost portion of the uterus
  4. cervix
    narrow neck of the uterus
  5. perineum
    area between vaginal opening and the anus
  6. fimbriae
    finger-like projections from the fallopian tube
  7. glans penis
    sensitive tip of the penis
  8. scrotum
    sac-like structure that holds the male gonad
  9. testes
    male gonad
  10. prostate gland
    gland at the base of the urinary bladder
  11. prepuce
    skin that covers the glans penis
  12. epididymus
    structure that sits atop each testis
  13. menarche
    first menstrual period
  14. estrogen
    hormone responsible for female characteristics
  15. menstruation
    monthly shedding of endometrial lining
  16. placenta
    vascular organ that nourishes developing fetus
  17. fertilization
    the union of gametes
  18. partuition
    act of giving birth
  19. oophrectomy
    surgical removal of the ovaries
  20. amniocentesis
    needle puncture of the amniotic sac to withdraw fluid
  21. lactation
    normal milk production
  22. cryptorchism
    condition of hidden testes
  23. spermolytic
    pertaining to the destruction of sperm cells
  24. testicular torsion
    twisting of the spermatic cord
  25. phimosis
    narrowing of the prepuce over the glans penis
  26. orchipexy
    fixation of the testicles
  27. testosterone
    hormone responsible for male characteristics
  28. androgen
    removal of the prepuce (foreskin)
  29. circumcision
    repair of a vasectomy
  30. vasovasostomy
    "monster" benign tumor
  31. fibroids
    benign tumors of the uterus
  32. placenta previa
    implantation of placenta over the cervix
  33. mammoplasty
    surgical reconstruction of a breast
  34. episiotomy
    incision to widen the vaginal opening
  35. endometriosis
    condition of endometial tissue outside the uterus
  36. benign prostatic hyperplasia
    excessive growth of prostate tissue
  37. orchitis
    inflammation of the testes
  38. semen
    contains sperm cell and seminal fluid
  39. pysalpinosis
    condition of pus in fallopian tube
  40. abruptio placentae
    separation of the placenta from the uterus
  41. galactorrhea
    abnormal milk flow from the breasts
  42. leukorrhagia
    white vaginal discharge
  43. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstruation
  44. metorrhagia
    bleeding between menstrual cycles
  45. herpes virus
    infection of the genital muscosa causing blisters
  46. gonorrhea
    bacterial infection, "flow of seed"
  47. HPV
    infection that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer
  48. dilation and currettage (D and C)
    widening the cervix and scraping of endometrial lining
  49. TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
    procedure to remove excess prostate tissue
  50. G6 P4 A2
    2 abortions, 4 pregnancies, 6 gestation periods of time
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