Med Term Final Pt.3

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  1. curvatures of the spine
    • cervical curve C1-C7
    • throacic curve T1-T12
    • lumbar curve L1-L5
    • sacral curve
  2. ligaments
    connective tissue binding bones to other bones
  3. tendons
    connective tissue binds muscles to bones
  4. diastole
    relaxation phase of heartbeat
  5. systole
    contraction phase of heartbeat (close)
  6. intussusception
    • telescoping of intestines
    • one segment of bowel collaspes into the opening of another
  7. cirrhosis
    chronic degenerative disease of liver
  8. sphincter
    control the openings into & leading out of stomach
  9. cranial cavity
    space in head containing brain surrounding by the skull
  10. number of body cavities
    5 - cranial, thoracic, abdomenal, pelvic and spinal
  11. frontal plane
    vertical dividing body anterior/posterior
  12. sagittal plane
    lenghtwise vertical dividing right/left halves
  13. transverse plane
    cross-sectional, horizantal plane divides to upper/lower
  14. relapse
    to fall into former state
  15. remission
    symptoms of disease abate/subside
  16. malaise
    vague feeling of discomfort
  17. pulmonary circulation
    blood thru vessels from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart
  18. systemic circulation
    blood from the heart to tissue caillaries and back to the heart
  19. cranial cavity
    • brain
    • pituitary gland
  20. thoracic cavity
    • lungs
    • heart
    • esophagus
    • trachea
    • bronchial tubes
    • thymus gland
    • aorta
  21. pleural cavity
    • space surround each lung
    • pluera lines the cavity
  22. mediastinum
    • containing the heart
    • located in center outside of and b/t lungs
  23. abdominal cavity
    • stomach
    • sm/lrg intestines
    • spleen
    • pancreas
    • liver
    • gallbladder
  24. peritoneum
    dbl folded membrane surrounding ab cav.
  25. pelvic cavity
    • portions of sm/lrg intestines
    • rectum
    • urinary bladder
    • urethra
    • ureters
    • urterus
    • vagina
  26. anterior
    p/t front
  27. deep
    away from surface
  28. distal
    p/t far from beginning of a structure
  29. dorsal
    back side
  30. lateral
    to the side
  31. medial
  32. posterior
  33. proximal
    beginning of a structure
  34. superficial
    on the surface
  35. superior (cephalic)
    p/t head
  36. supine
    lying on back face up, palms up
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